Only Eating Recommended Serving Sizes For A Day

happy day I’m gloom! I would describe my
eating habits as directly contradicting everything conventional wisdom tells you
to do I’m like a mukbang youtuber except I don’t film it which is like it makes
it kind of sad so today we are striving for greatness I’m gonna eat three meals
and I’m going to eat the recommended serving size of each thing that I eat
hopefully the serving sizes are good and big I’m guessing not let’s go eat so
what’s the serving size here I’m only allowed to eat 21 pieces of cereal I’m
gonna put what I would normally eat in a bowl and then I’m going to measure out
the recommended serving size for healthy people I probably eat like toast on the
side or like you know a pizza pop on the side but as far as cereal goes this is
about as much as I can handle now we’re gonna count 20 so this is the
difference right here and I just don’t understand how anyone could feasibly eat
this many and be like mmm breakfast um full all right let’s see how much milk I
can have wears about this is what milk looks like in 2019 comes in an apple
juice container okay so I’m allowed to have one cup this is too much milk for
this I’m having some cereal with my milk they’re swimming in it it’s gonna save a
strawberries for later when you guys weren’t washing but like I’m allowed to
have 3/4 of a cup okay that’s up here that’s actually not bad some of these
strawberries are awful squishy okay that one I think it puts in you over the edge
I’m taking the rings off because I want more perfect now I can have more
strawberry what do you think it’s nice one like the bottom ones are soggy and
the top ones are crunchy but this is just all SOG I was gonna say this
strawberry his weirdness cuz I punched it I don’t want to eat this and like I
feel sick it’s too much sugar but it’s recommended
I know it’s recommended but it’s too much sugar for me like it’s way too much
there’s two kinds of people in this world there’s sweet people who I don’t
agree with and there’s savory people who are my brothers and sisters we make some
wings or maybe so yeah for breakfast why not do you guys eat pizza for breakfast
because if you eat pizza for breakfast and like you get me and I get you and we
should be together whole pizza for breakfast isn’t much
better breakfast than this honey bunches of oats and milk and crap
like you what are you doing wynton your girl loves her chicken wings you can get
these at the okay you know what you don’t care where you can get these look
oh yeah oh they’re cooking in the oven they’re almost done it’s done
where’s my glove and okay not looking too cute right now but trust me they
taste cute okay the box says I are you serious I can only eat to a serving size
is too it’s okay leave it it says two to three so what we’re gonna do is we’re
also gonna make rice because you know rice and wings it’s cow you got a gold
tie you gotta do it rice wheat this is my rice big and this serving size is 1/4
of a cup I have never looked at this before this is how much rice
I normally rice grains down okay okay we get it we get it we get it we get it
okay calm down and calm down this is how much rice I usually make two cups of
rice and two and a half cups of water you gotta count the green surrounding it
these are all part these all go in okay I can’t believe this is how much I’m
allowed to here a quarter of a cup I don’t even know this can be cooked in a
rice cooker there’s not enough rice two cups of rice two and a half cups of
water quarter cup of rice tablespoon of water who eats this much rice this
should be illegal what’s another rice cooker it’s crying
it’s like you’ve never cooked so little in me before do you not need me anymore
it’s okay buddy this is just one day okay he calmed down
well would you look at that this looks like enough looks like too much I sure
can’t be overeating now oh yes a little more okay we compare it to what I would
normally this is actually very close to what I would normally accept like I’d
have a like a bit more rice what’s your preference which one you want we got
both kinds starvation and normal can you believe the difference wait let’s let’s
put them both like this look at this that is sad you know yeah that’s it it’s
like we go on one tablespoon that’s way too much for a quarter cup of rice so
I’m just gonna put a little draw there you go screw it I know I eat a lot of
soy sauce don’t believe me okay looking at this one is like making me sad
I’m eating with a knife and fork so it goes by slower hmm oh just wonderful you
know what oh yeah my hair keeps getting my mouth and like I want to eat my hair
cuz I’m so starving a little medallion of rice with him drop of soy sauce with
your three home-cooked gourmet it does truly like make you appreciate it more
when you have two ounces of food and I don’t know why I even put this here like
torture myself it’s just rude Oh okay stop looking at me like that I
what’s for dinner I’m making spaghetti I do audio but I’ve never made it with
minimal ingredients before so this is gonna be a challenge
wait you can’t tell me that one clove of garlic is a serving I don’t believe that
we’re using a different website they all say okay you know what they all say one
clove you can’t do this to me I use 10 cloves of garlic for this see this big
guy down here that guy’s like two cloves of garlic why
would you limit your garlic intake kind of crazy person okay idiot
what kind of hey what kind of dumb moron stupid adder excuse my friendship this
pass is gonna taste weird you might be wondering why I’m making this particular
dish and it’s because I make it all the time it’s like one of my main things
like we’re my main things it’s my main squeeze
as they say like everybody has like a thing that they eat all the time this is
my thing that I eat all the time just not like this olive oil usually I use
I’d say I use 2/3 1/3 to 2/3 like somewhere in between of olive oil and I
know that’s a lot of olive oil but like I’m only allowed to use one tablespoon 1
clove of garlic and 1 tablespoon of olive oil we’re eatin healthy tonight you can’t G this is have fun cooking in
there point is like you need you’ll need the garlic to infuse the oil but if
there’s no garlic no oil what are you infusing the pan or we
infuse it okay you know what it’s fine this is great I can do this does anyone
know where my wooden spatula is I know what I can do to fix this first we got
to see how much pass technique I’m allowed to eat 85 grams of pasta it’s
like a quarter of what I normally make oh that’s too many 93 okay so I can get
a few noodles 84 85 I gotta cook this soon
before my garlic roots okay I need to put a little bit of olive oil so they
don’t stick together it’s a draw no no I didn’t cheat I didn’t cheat it’s to cope
the water dogskin coats okay so now excuse me go away Thanks I’m really
hungry so I made a pizza to eat while I cook and I think it’s done and it beats
up I go get a help it’s not looking good guys a quarter of a pizza it’s a
personal pizza you can go to Pizza Hut as a 12 year old and you would get this
in your happy meal looks like I gotta come in for just the one thing I don’t
like in life is starving to death I just like I don’t even care anymore like I
don’t care about life I don’t care about making this parsley perfect I just want
to eat boo it’s all I ever just want to eat actual food and then the man tells
you you can’t eat your food if this is one serving size can you not make this
pizza if you don’t have friends anyway I gotta get back to cooking I need some
cuties some fat jeans no I’ll only use one since usually I use a couple but
like there’s no ingredients Wow she’s eating dinner tonight of the
serving size with parsley one cup that’s way too much I am allowed three
centimetres cubed of cheese half of this nub that’s like no cheese I’m almost at
my cheese limit for the day that’s how much cheese um huh this is how much
cheese I normally put cuz it’s good I’m minutes to try to save this sauce by
putting the starchy water in there there you go there you go that’s where the
flavor comes from so that’s cool here’s my noodles for one what’s the point of
even cooking if like this is what your since you’re getting angry I mean I’m so
mad I can’t even there’s too much water in this and I’m not used to like
portioning it for enough noodles to feed a five-year-old let’s see if portion
sizes can my favorite spaghetti dish of all time
can’t forget to heavily cheese this dish if I was Kim Kardashian like this is
like the portion I would eat just a dust cheese that’s all I’m allowed to eat
today let’s try it can you believe that this is supposed to
be dinner oh I thought it would suck and this goes to show that you can be really
stupid and really deprived and still really enjoy this I’m actually like kind
of rethinking how much oil I use in this cuz like you don’t need a lot like this
is this bags it’s just so good oh yeah isn’t that so good mmm that is so good
one of the reasons why this is so good is that salt has a portion size but I
forgot about it when I seasoned the water that I was cooking my pasta and
the lemon on you did you get the right lemon sireesha yeah I came into this
video thinking that I was going to start and then the second the video ended I
was just gonna go eat that no not that that yummy well if you guys want to make
this you have the recipe now because all you got to do is look at serving sizes
and you’re ready to go you’re ready to bang oh my god mmm thank you guys so
much for watching this video I know it’s kind of weird I just wanted to try it I
saw some guy do it I’ll link in the


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