Opgeven Is Geen Optie | FITNESS MOTIVATIE

Often peopple ask me how I keep this up. Working out five times per week. Always watching my diet. But progression doesn’t come overnight. Nor in a week. It costs months or years even before you reach your goals. To me this is not a matter of ”keeping it up” but as a lifestyle. How can you expect things to change when you don’t give it 110 percent? When you are unhappy with yourself or when you think you are too big, too thin, too weak or too slow, than it is up to you to deal with it. so many people tend to give up because they think they will be in shape within a few months. And after those few months they still haven’t got the results they wanted. With as a result they think to them selves: this just isn’t for me. I just have bad genes. I can’t look good. But that’s just NOT true! It just costs more time! when I started my fitness journey I really looked like a sponge with no muscular definition what so ever. And the first six months in the gym I just did what ever. Not a clue about muscles groups or the right diet. I could have quit right than. But something in me said: keep going. Keep learning. Keep doing what you’re doing. I am not saying that I am where I want to be, because I am really not. I feel like I have only started and the goals that I have set may take years to accomplish. Many people give up because their goals are too big and they expect that within very little time it will become reality. But that’s so demotivating because it just isn’t realistic. It’s much better to have small goals and push your limits little by little. Two years ago I could only lift 40KG on the bench press. And I stayed at that level for a long time. And today I easily press 75 KG for a couple of sets. Two years ago I could not have dreamed of that. Two years may seem long but the road to that 75 KG was in very small steps and victories. Quitting is not an option. We already know that feeling. Ask yourself what happens when you don’t quit. When you believe in yourself and you tell yourself that failure is not an option anymore. I guarantee you, you will amaze yourself. Real motivation means you keep going. Even when that feeling of ”let’s do this” has long gone.

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