Outlander’s Sam Heughan Takes the Gym Very Seriously

Sam? Sam! I didn’t know you go here. Oh, yeah.
It’s crazy. Yeah, yeah, of course, yeah. Gyms are my life, yeah.
I love working out. And well, how do you think
you get a body like this, huh? You know what?
Gyms aren’t really my thing. This is awkward.
I’m gonna get going. You do your thing.
I’m just gonna … I’m gonna … No, no, no, no, you should stay.
You should stay. Look. You’ll be fine
Sassenach. Right. Right. The Outlander thing. That’s funny.
I get it. Yeah. I’d rather … okay,
that’s really … you’re right. You’re here.
You’re the master. Walk me through your workout.
Let’s do this. Right. I know exactly what
all of these things do. So I should start soon, or what? Sure, yeah, just jump on.
Run. Fast. That way. Oh, God. Help! So, weight-wise for me,
what do I do, exactly? It’s not about what you do.
It’s about how you think. And you’ve got to think
and you’ve got to think fast. Ready? Catch!
No! Dude, I thought you were
going to throw it for a sec. That would have been crazy. Definitely, yeah. Ahhh! I’m ready. You ready? Ow! When I let go, you’re going to
feel 251 lbs in your arms. No. No, no, Sam, that’s way
too much weight to start with. I can’t do that. Three, two, one, push!
Come on! I can’t!
Push, Josh, push! I can’t! Smoothie bar is open.
You want a smoothie? I need help. Chocolate? So, how do you feel
after your big workout? Honestly, I feel like every part
of me is a little bit broken. I feel like you don’t know
what you’re doing. This was a horrible workout.
Yeah. It sucked. Truth is, I don’t know
what I’m doing. I’ve never done this in my life. You’re in insane shape.
What are you talking about? Well, look, I have crazy genes,
okay? I’ve never done a crunchy
or a push away thing in my life. They’re not called
push away things. They’re not? No. I just can’t gain weight.
You know what Katrina calls me? No. She calls me Slender Sam. Like Slender Man,
but Sam, because … I understand. She’s good. She’s good
with those names, Josh. She’s really good. Here’s what I don’t get.
Why come to the gym at all? Why? Why? Got magazines,
free cable, smoothies. Have you tried smoothies?
They’re dope. I can’t take it anymore, Josh. I can’t take it.
I’m living a lie. Don’t … are you crying? No. Keep it together, man, come on. I don’t want to keep it
together. Just … Dude. Leave me alone, Josh. I have an idea.
Why don’t you just show me how to do one of those gym
selfies you were doing before? Gym selfie? Yeah. Well, the light’s not very good,
but, well, if you insist. Do we? Yeah. Hey!


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