I think that it’s important to keep in mind that bodybuilding is multifaceted. It isn’t just the quest for the most massive man, It’s quest for the most perfect man. So that man is gonna be a combination of classical symmetry, proportion and mass. And that is what I’m after, all of the above. He has god given genetics that are just out of this world. The shoulder to waist differential is breath taking. I wanna get in here and get this job done, so I can go eat!! I just went back home, trained harder and was like I’m gonna get that first place next year .. .. And a lot of people, I wasn’t even in their conversation. Which is fine by me because I’m a big believer in you have to earn your spot. I’m on the mission to beat this guy.. I knew that I was gonna have to climb the mountain, I mean this is the biggest stage. So I put the work in and I think tomorrow it’s gonna show that I’m a serious contender to move up towards the top. I’m the type of guy that if I hear criticism, OK I’m gonna fix that. So next time I come back!! Here we are, we put in a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of work. Dieting, cardio, hard training… Over the past year and it really paid off. The pump’s crazy. You get so much blood in the muscle it’s almost hard to move. Think about every set, when it feels twice as hard, when you don’t have that food… But like I said before .. That’s when the adrenaline kicks in, you just know you gotta get it done! I have to work harder than they do. In my own mind, every time I come in this gym I’m battling with them, fighting them every day. We’re gonna give it a 100%, keep training hard. I keep that in mind when it’s tough.. And I wanna stop on these sets.. When I feel like that’s enough.. Nah. I just think about what last place feels like. Your A$$ better finish this set You better do those extra reps Do those extra minutes of cardio Get that food in It’s what it takes!


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