Peter Carruthers | The importance of exercise

My name is Peter Carruthers, I used to own
this company, I founded this company with my wife thirty years ago. My physical and
mental wellbeing, you know, I just enjoy doing exercise, it makes me feel better. I
need to be as fit and strong as I can be to maintain my independence. I usually use a
bike for exercise but when I’m at home and cold and stiff and feeling bad, you know I
just think, just get on your rollers and do a bit of rolling and then half an hour of
that will make you feel better and usually it does. I think that having guidelines probably
gives people a bit of reassurance that what they’re doing is going to be beneficial
and that if they’re not doing enough it gives them a little nudge to say you should
be doing a little bit more, a little bit more would be desirable. For me exercise works
and I enjoy it.

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