Physique Meets Fitness with Steve Cook and Brooke Ence

I’m going against one of the best in the industry of physique competition, the Steve Cook. Power cleans, triple, double, single up to 80. Slow eccentric back squat. AMRAP, so you’re going two of each, four of each, all the way up until you hit seven minutes. There’s no–there’s no rest. No rest. That’s awesome. And then we’re gonna do the gun show, whatever you’re feeling. Whatever you’ve got left in the tank. Gun show baby. Brooke: And then you’re gonna teach me how to pose. Okay. You know how to pose. You did a show. You know how to pose. She just stepped on stage right now. Alright, I hope I make it to the gun show because that 7-minute AMRAP I’m gonna be on the floor puking my guts out. Brooke hits me up probably a year ago, right when we started Brute and said, “I have this bodybuilding friend that wants to get into CrossFit. He doesn’t know anything about it he wants to work with someone that is very competitive, so he’s been like in and out of the bodybuilding scene, traveling a ton, so he hadn’t really had time to devote to training, CrossFit training, so he’s getting back into it. We really just need him to spend time doing his gymnastic work, olympic lifts, getting the technique down. He’s very, very strong, extremely athletic. He takes to it really well He’s just fucking super busy. You’re pulling here. Just jump, let it float, hop under. Chest up first. Chest up. At the end of the day, I wasn’t enjoying my training as much because it was all about looks. It was all about like–just how you looked, and you know, you’d get done with the competition, you’re over-dieted. So like, the whole thing in the bodybuilding world is you want to get leaner, diet harder. Diet harder. Restrict more calories, and I was like, “You know what? This just seems backwards.” Like when I was an athlete, I was able to stay lean and I was training my ass off, you know, going in. I was doing my football workouts, and then I was doing practice, and finishing up with auxiliary lifts, like my favorite type of bodybuilding stuff. And I was able to eat more, and for me I was like, “You know what? I’m not strong anymore, I’m not that lean anymore,” because when you concentrate only on food, like when you concentrate on restricting calories, what do you do? You just want to eat more when you tell yourself you can’t have calories so I wanted to concentrate more on the training and that meant changing up the training a little bit like you can only do so many bicep curls before you’re sick of it so doing things, like trying to get back into, you know heavy squats, deads, you know, things like muscle-ups, I love– I love being shitty at something and then trying to get better at it, so again, I’ll always be, you know, physique conscious. That’s just–that’s what my brand is, but at the end of the day, I think this stuff improves physique stuff as well. You know, like a stronger physique is going to be a better physique, everyday. It’s about time I start getting back into a little olympic lifting, because that felt ugly. 195 And we’re going to see the exact opposite of that right now. Oh, easy. That was like a muscle clean.
Was that 295? I don’t know. That’s like a reverse curl. Wait. This is 295? I’ve never even tried to hit 300, so let’s just try … (indecipherable) Okay, we’re trying to clean–it’s gonna be ugly– 300 here. We got Brooke. We got Mike in the house, so we got motivation. No shits are given. I mean, when I lift I’m shameless. I’ll bust out snapchat, everything. Yeah! That was pretty. That was pretty. That was so ugly. I don’t know if I–
That a boy. Oh my god, run and catch it. Nice. Come on. What? Are you serious?
That’s 235. Are you fucking kidding me? I mean it’s kind of ugly because my feet land so wide. That’s a fucking joke. What was that?
235. Jesus–Jesus.
That’s five pounds over my P.R. I told you you would hit a fucking P.R. Four sets of six back squat with a four-second e-centric, so, working on technique a little bit, working on starting strength out of the bottom. (indecipherable)…coming at me, because I want to get my legs smaller I haven’t done a back squat or a front squat probably in three months. If you’re really training for physique, you’re looking in the mirror you’re like, “Ah, I need more lateral delt, I need more upper chest.” I always had big legs, so I’ve actually had to back off on the legs the last year. It’s kind of a weird concept, but it’s a very bodybuilder, a very men’s physique concept, so– and now I’m gonna get my ass kicked here. We’ve got an audible here, as per a Steve Cooke request F-S. I wanted nothing to do with overhead squats. My name is not Jake Hutton. I do not overhead squat 450 pounds. Burpee over bar just to keep everybody honest. We know how them bodybuilders like to count reps. Yeah, I was–I didn’t know we had to–pulling everything off the ground– That’s 155, Homes? 165. We got 65. Aw, shoot.
Yeah, I’ll pick that out. Here we go. I’m lightheaded still from my clean. I can’t count weight. 2-4-6, all the way until 7 minutes. There’s some serious, serious people up in here. We’re gonna get ’em on the gun show. That’s the only thing I’ve got. Brooke Ence for president. Good job brother. That was shitty. That was real shitty. That’s the worst thing I’ve even done in my life. Brooke, you’re an animal. Good job guys. That was fun. It’s always nice to enjoy the people you’re working out with. CrossFit is such a family. It’s such a unit, like a family unit at the end of the day. I think, you know, people always ask me, “You think CrossFit’s gonna stick around?” It’s like, “Hell yeah, CrossFit’s gonna stick around.” People are doing it in droves because it is a family-type atmosphere. It’s like the people who come in and train with you you love, you love hanging out with them outside of it, and it just pushes you. You get better results doing it that way. Part of CrossFit that I do love is just feeling absolutely drained, like you couldn’t do one more rep. It just absolutely crushes your soul, but it leaves you wanting more at the same time. We still–we still got arms! You better believe I didn’t forget that shit. Get a shot of the pipes before. Yep. All the blood’s in my legs. Brooke’s looking a little flat today. Yeah, let’s get that vein poppin’. That one. I can say of physique for the most part and be like, “Oh, that’s a CrossFit physique or a bodybuilder physique.” Guys in bodybuilding typically don’t do heavy deadlifts ’cause they don’t want thicker waists. They don’t do heavy squats ’cause they don’t want to get their core too big but that being said, like, CrossFitters look better than 90 percent of–and they look better than most bodybuilders year round. Like bodybuilders look good for like three days You know, physique guys look good for a week. CrossFitters can look good year round. They might not have the perfect ratios, but you take a CrossFit physique year round, and I’d rather take that physique year round than a bodybuilder physique for three days. That’s just me though. It was a lot. It’s a lot of this. It is. I’m no longer worried about competing, I’m worried about looking good year round, so a lot more of my training’s going to be this kind of stuff, where, you know, high metabolic conditioning-type stuff, working in some olympic lifting, gymnastics stuff. That being said, we’re gonna hit the gun show right now. Look at that brachialis coming. Seriously. Woo! Feeling it? The vein’s starting to come out too. You’re really working more of the peak here as you come up supinate that shit like (indecipherable) Fuck me. You can get a bicep workout screwing in a lightbulb. Like that right there, that’s activating biceps your pinky’s externally rotating and just squeezing the hell out of it. 3 4 Instagram quality bicep curls. Just letting you guys know. 8 Fuck this. They’re all serious when they’re doing their CrossFit shit, and then it’s time to do biceps and it’s like, “Ahh.” Before we were hitting that peak and now we’re hitting that length in the bicep. Length? Okay. The length, so that bottom third. And we need to hit the long head of the tricep. So we’re gonna be over-the-head dumbbell extension. Woo! 4 5 6 I command you to grow. No shoulder touching here. 5 6 Pinkies out. Pinkies out. Like, down. There you go. I can’t (indecipherable)


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