Pokemon Rusty: Viridian City Gym

(Pokemon Theme) – Choo choo! Back on the badge train! Excuse me, sir! – Oh, hello Unattended Child! Do your parents
know that you are alone in this very legitimate city
full of non-criminal enterprises? – I haven’t seen my parents in months! Now where’s that gym at!? – The boss’ place? Sure, it’s right behind
that wall of police men over there! (Shooting, Police Sirens) – Ah, son of a Bisharp! They must all be there to get their badges
too. I’ll never get in. (Car honking) – C’mon! We gotta get our stolen Pokemon out
of this fake gym so we can CRIME IT UP elsewhere! – Hey! Wait a minute! I can use this back door to skip the line! (Ominous Music) – Hello? Anyone there? I was wondering if our pets could fight? PIKACHU! You’re alive! …And a gym leader? How did that happen? – Thanks to your efforts, Pokemon theft is
at all time– Hey! What are you doing here!? – No! Please guys, c’mon! It’s me! Battle
Blart! I’ll get ya the money! I’m good for it, I
swear! – Wow! You had a big week! – Uh, boss? We gotta go! – He’s right, Pikachu! Time to get back on
the road! Now, hop in this tiny ball and do what I say
forever! (Shooting, Glass Breaking) – It’s okay, kid! You’re safe now! We’ve been tracking this crooked Beedrill
for awhile! – Although we can’t legally prosecute a Pokemon,
so we still need to find his master. – Oh, that’s me! Rusty! I’m Rusty. – Oh, great! That was easy! You’re going to jail forever! (Punch) – No, you don’t understand! I’m the hero! I’m a cool trainer! Oh! Nice badges! How do I get one of those! (Taser, Screaming) – Thunderbolt. It’s Super Effective… Against… Rusty’s brain… (Screaming)


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