Pokemon Sun and Moon: My Pokemon Gym

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Available now only on T-spring for a limited time only link is in the description What is up my Eryibros and recently while
I came across a video by my good friend Bird Keeper Toby where he explains what kind of
gym he would have if he was a gym leader in pokemon Sun and Moon. Now this got my brain
thinking what if I was a gym leader in Pokemon Sun and Moon, what would it look like? What
type would I be? What Pokemon would I have? Which brings us to today’s video, Welcome
to My Pokemon Gym. And before you guys get mad at me in the comment section saying *erhem*
(Sound like on Meth) You *Bleep* Piece of *Bleep* how could you steal toby’s video
Idea you thief I hate you get cancer get testicular cancer- Notice at the end of toby’s video
he states (Play his video) SO I can make it… Ha. If you guys enjoy this video be sure to
leave a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s
get started. First things first let’s talk about what
typing my gym would be . Obviously for me it would be the fire type considering It has
been my favorite type since my early days of playing pokemon. Now fire type gyms aren’t
exactly common in the pokemon universe, there’s Blaine, Flannery, and Chilli if you really
want to count him. All three of those gym leaders bring a decent challenge to the player.
(mumbles) Especially flannery’s torkoal stupid piece of sh- But Unfortunately for
the most part the fire type gym puzzles that are already in the games are a bit lackluster
to say the least. Blaine’s gym in red and blue forces you to answer trivia questions
which is cool for a normal type gym puzzle, but not for a fire type gym. And in Pokemon
Gold and Silver, He’s in a cave… wh- wh- whaaat!?! And don’t even get me started on
chili. Apart from that Flannery’s was the only really challenging and fun puzzle to
solve. That is why my gym is going to be built and have a puzzle made around a volcano. The
puzzle would draw some inspiration from Claire’s lava from her gym and marlon’s lilies from
his, of course replacing the lilies with something like boulders Play (Stupid Pioneers). The
mechanics of the gym would be similar to how the currents move you like the ones in the
seafoam islands. There would be multiple levels to ascend to with some paths that will take
you off course and back to the beginning of the gym. Gym Trainers would also be placed
in areas where some currents will end so you head straight into a battle. These gym trainers
would have pokemon like slugma, magcargo, numel, Camerupt, and torkoal with the last
trainer having a Magmar. All these pokemon have some relation to lava or volcanoes so
it would only make sense. And when they make through the puzzle they’ll find me at the
top of my volcano waiting for them. I wanted the gym desgin to stick to the fiery type
theme like flannery’s gym and not stray away from it like blaine’s. And what better
way to have a volcano based gym in the pokemon world then in the games speculated to be taking
place in Hawaii. Now obviously with a big landmark like a volcano being based around
a gym, this would be the central and main big city within the region. With that being
said I feel it would be perfect to make my gym the 5th gym in the region mirroring that
of clemont’s gym with his gym being built around the eiffel tower which is a big monument
in france. That would be around half through the game which would be a great time to introduce
the player to the big city. The Next thing to talk about is the leveling in my gym. Looking
through all the 5th gym leaders levels they all seem to be around the late 20s to early
30s, so I feel around that level would be a good challenge for the trainer. Most gym
leaders at this time use 3 pokemon so out of all the awesome fire types in the games
I decided to go with Slugma, Houndoom, and for my ace Charizard. Slugma would be the
first pokemon I send out and definitely the weakest. This pokemon is mainly here to be
an easy lead kill for the player although this pokemon should not be underestimated.
This slugma would have an annoying moveset with yawn recover flamethrower and Sunny Day
to power fire types. Houndoom would be my next pokemon I send out providing the trainer
with a bit more of a challenge. It would have the moves flamethrower dark pulse sunny day
and as a surprise hidden power grass. Finally the Ace of my gym is one my favorite pokemon
of all time, charizard. This pokemon would be the final test to see if the trainer is
worthy and would be around the early 30s mark. Now I know this pokemon doesn’t evolve until
level 36 but gamefreak has shown in the past to make exceptions as long as it provides
a challenge to the player and this one will. Charizard would have a moveset of flamethrower,
air slash, roost and solar beam. Why solar beam? Remember slugma and houndoom’s sunny
day? Well if you didn’t finish slugma or houndoom off before one of them get’s off
a sunny day, your gonna have a bad time. Now if you somehow manage to overcome this team
you would be rewarded with the blaze badge which looks like a marijuana leaf (Mlg stuff)
Just kidding this awesome fire badge desgin made by super aj3 would be something I’d
like to see for my badge. Not only will you get a gym badge but you will also be rewarded
with the ™ for flamethrower which is the main reason why all of my pokemon have it.
What I want people to take away from this gym is that it was the one of the best experiences
they had in the game. I want people to think of my gym as memorable and something they
look forward to playing in their second playthrough. Thank you guys so much for watching, If you
enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section below.
What kind of gym would you guys have? I know all of you guys are very creative and have
brilliant ideas so share it with me in the comment section below. If you haven’t already
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