Post workout: Cosa mangiare dopo attività fisica? (also subtitles english)

HEALTH & FITNESS Hello, everybody. I’m Mike, welcome to my Youtube channel Now we all run in my classroom, where i will begin to explain the topic for today. What to eat after physical activity? The post workout snack depends on several factors, like the goals we must achieve and the intensity of the workout. Remember to subscribe to my channel and leave a LIKE. Obviously, you have to make a difference between those who have just finished an aerobics course to lose weight and who have completed heavy weight training to increase muscle mass. The post workout nutrition in general has the function of: – Restore glycogen stores – Reduce and slow muscle catabolism Training weakens the muscles and causes more stress to the bones, so the body needs to be replenished in order to rebuild and regenerate the tissues. It’s important not to take just one food but to find the right balance between carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. When do you have to eat? Some people argue that it is important to take advantage of the anabolic window of the body, which lasts about 15 minutes; after which it begins to lose its effectiveness slowly. Many people start to eat already in the locker room, in order to increase the speed of recovery of glycogen stores. Another current of thought, the most common one, claims that this anabolic window lasts at least 2/3 hours, that is, cells in our body are more active and hungry, so, the introduction of nutritious particulars, such as proteins/amino acids and carbohydrates, can lead to an increase in muscle mass and a recovery of glycogen stores.
stores. If you want to know what to eat before training CLICK HERE. What to eat after training? After training, it is recommended to take: – Proteins to repair the muscles after an intense workout. Obviously, we do not have to take too many, because excess protein is converted into fat. – Carbohydrates with medium-high glycemic index so as to be assimilated quickly and to restore glycogen stores. The carbohydrate-protein ratio is always in favor of carbohydrates and varies depending on the type of sport. Aerobic sports need a ratio of 4: 1, mixed sports 3: 1, while anaerobic sports 2: 1 ATTENTION This does not mean that if we have been in the gym and we burned calories, then with the post-workout meal, we can eat everything! It is recommended to limit fat and fibers after training. An example of post-work snack, for those who want to increase your muscle mass, could be: A protein shaker protein dissolved in milk, combined with a banana and rice cakes in order to accelerate muscle reconstruction and recovery. REMEMBER It ‘important to drink during and after your workout so as to maintain the body always hydrated. It is recommended to drink in small quantities to avoid excessive amounts of fluid in the stomach. If you’re following a diet to lose weight after training, be careful about consuming sports drinks and protein bars, which are now being advertised everywhere. Be careful of the foods marketed as miraculous for your workouts because some of these contain many calories. If you liked the video, I kindly ask you to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

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