Pre Diabetes Diet Plan — How Pat Eats Fruit and Reversed Pre Diabetes

My weights gone down from 145 to 117. My energy levels have come up dramatically. I work
out twice a week, with personal trainer. I do yoga, almost every day, for at least
30 minutes. I
couldn’t do that five months ago. My husband says I’m like a new person. I’m happy, but I think one of the best things
is, I enjoy eating again. It’s a pleasure, no, it’s more
than that, it’s a thrill, it’s an adventure. [Music] I was first diagnosed as being pre diabetic
in late March of 2017, and the doctor I saw, she was
rather indifferent about it. “Oh, we’ll look at it again in a year, it’s
no big deal”, and “oh, you’re hypertensive, and oh, gee, yeah, your cholesterol
levels are pretty high, but you know, everything’s okay.” And I knew that it was not okay. I have a family history of diabetes on my
mother’s side, her father and her sister, both, were like
type 1 diabetics and I saw what happened to them. And so, this being told I was pre diabetic
just freaked me out, really freaked me out like
I had not been freaked out before, because everything I had done with my diet was my
attempt to avoid the any chance of developing diabetes, because I knew, I had seen how awful
a disease it is. And so, this left me absolutely devastated. I was on a high-fat, high-protein, very low
carb diet. My energy was non-existent. I had really very little quality of life. I couldn’t enjoy living in
paradise. And this just absolutely left me crushed. I didn’t know what to do. And from July, until
early November, I was in just deep depression, not knowing what to do, how to proceed, I
couldn’t function. And then, I got an email from Ocean Robbins,
and that sort of changed my whole life, inviting me to this webinar on diabetes, and reversing
diabetes, no less. And I believe that’s how I first
saw Cyrus and Robby. I signed up on their mail list, and started
watching their videos, and I said “well, this sounds like something I should
be doing, and it sounds like somebody’s just throwing
me a lifeline.” I felt I was going to have a second chance
to restore some of my health, maybe not at all, but at least some of it. So, I got started on trying to make a change
in my lifestyle, through my diet. I still wasn’t able to
exercise. I literally had no energy, my exercise was
moving, getting up in the morning and fixing my breakfast, and retreating to the sofa,
that was my life. There was, my adrenals had failed,
everything was just crashing all around me. So, this at least was giving me some hope,
and the more I listened, the more I heard, the more
I understood, thanks to Cyrus, that I was right all
along when I kept telling my health care providers, “something is wrong with my diet, but what,
what”, “oh no, you have the perfect diet, this is perfect.” I couldn’t lose weight, my blood
pressure was constantly going up, I had never had blood pressure problems before, and then
the pre diabetes on top of that. I started eliminating salt and oil in my diet. The salt was tough, but I was working on it. Oil was a
lot easier. Sugar wasn’t a problem, because I didn’t have
any sugar in my diet. Immediately I
started feeling better, and better, and better. I just took it easy, I introduced my husband
and friends to one of the Mastering Diabetes recipes
for Christmas day, it was sweet potatoes with curried peas, and stuff like that, and date
sauce or date syrup, or a date sauce on top. Oh my gosh, everybody just raved, in fact,
I didn’t have enough, everybody wanted more. So, that was that was good, but I didn’t really
know how to cook in this style. I really had no idea, and I didn’t even have
the right equipment, but I started learning, and learning. I was watching and reading all of the emails
from Mastering Diabetes, and attending their invitation, videos, and I finally, in March,
early March, said “okay, I’m getting my energy back,
I’m really ready to go into this.” And I signed up for Mastering Diabetes, and
that was the best thing I ever did in my whole life, I think. People who know me, and know what I’ve gone
through over the past say 18 years, know what a change
has taken place in my life. My weights gone down from 145 to 117. My energy levels have come up dramatically. I work
out twice a week, with personal trainer. I do yoga, almost every day, for at least
30 minutes. I
couldn’t do that five months ago. My husband says I’m like a new person. I’m happy, but I think one of the best things
is, I enjoy eating again. It’s a pleasure, no, it’s more
than that, it’s a thrill, it’s an adventure. I mean, when I fix my breakfast each morning,
and invent my fruit bowl, I’m just like in a kid playing
with his most favorite toys. I’m just having so much
enjoyment, and every bite is such a pleasure, and puts a smile on my face, and I’ve never,
never had that feeling before. In fact, by the end of last year, I could
barely eat, because everything I was eating was making
me sick. I could barely prepare something to throw
on the barbecue, because it smelled so bad to me. My body knew that what I was eating was wrong. I guess I was just too dense to see it. Kylie called me, here at home, right after
I enrolled in the program to welcome me, and make
me feel part of a family, and I didn’t feel alone. I’d been so isolated, and so alone for so
long, because people just didn’t understand what
I was going through. When I joined Mastering Diabetes, and they
started talking about eating fruit, lots of fruit, not
just eating fruit, but lots of fruit, I’m going “No! How is that possible?”, and that’s when I
started understanding what was going on, as I was
going through all the modules, and watching all the
videos, and listening to Cyrus explain in the coaching sessions, it clicked, and I’m
going “I can do this!”. And so, I started off with just a couple of
fruits in addition to my berries, that went well. I mean, I
had no indigestion, no sense of having overeating or anything like that, and I think now, for
my breakfast, I usually, typically have the berries
with cereal, and I have a big bowl of some spinach, and about five different fruits. I mean, I’ve grown to love mangos. I never really cared
much for mangos before, but now I’m a mango fanatic. It’s tough on the days when I don’t have a
ripe mango to put in my fruit bowl. So, it’s been a thrill
to rediscover a joy of cooking, you know, I love fixing stews, and chilies, and all
those good things. But my main love is my fruit bowl in the morning. I can’t get enough of it. And whenever I feel like, in mid-afternoon,
a little low in energy, I’ll pop a couple of dates, I
mean I’m a date fanatic now. I’d never really touched dates before, “oh,
that’s way too high in sugar, you can’t do that.” So, now, it was challenging to take that leap
and trust, these guys really know, you signed up with them, they
really do know what they’re talking about. They’re
living proof they know what they’re talking about. So, it was a challenge, but boy I embraced
it, and it really helped turn my life around. I’ve
learned to exercise before I have breakfast, that was one of Cyrus’ recommendations, to
help get a lot of benefit, and help lower the blood
glucose. And so, I do that, and that just really sets
me up for the day, and then I fixed my breakfast. It’s typically a bowl of quinoa, typed as
cereal, with or oatmeal, with two thumbs of walnuts,
and at least a half a cup of blueberries. If they’re
really, really good, l I’ll make it 3/4 of a cup of blueberries. And, I’ll have that, and I have a big
bowl of spinach, pineapple, mango, strawberries, raspberries, banana, kiwis, whatever I have
handy. When we don’t have mangos available, or pineapple,
then I’ll do apples and pears, kiwi. I
have kiwi almost all the time, because I like the color. So, that’s breakfast on just about every
day. I’ve had not grown bored with it. I feel good. One day I weighed, weighed the bowl, and
then I weighed the food, I had a pound and a half of fruit. I only eat two meals a day, because it’s just,
I tried, I do the intermittent fast on a daily basis, on
a 16-8 schedule. So, I found it too difficult to try to eat
three meals a day, so I eat two meals, but breakfast as you see is the bulk of my calories,
and everything for the day. Dinner will usually be, my favorites are like,
a three bean chili with butternut squash loaded with
lentils, black beans, pinto beans. Butternut squash, a lot of great spices. I may have a couple of
organic, non-GMO, corn tortillas, and I feel like “Wow! This is the best in the whole world!”, and
I just eat, and eat, and eat, and make myself
little tacos, I’ll spoon some of the chili into the
tortilla, and with a little bit of avocado, and cilantro, and green onion tops, and it’s
paradise. So, I get plenty of protein, I get plenty
of fat. Everybody is saying “But, where does your
protein come from?”, and I’m going, “From just about
everything I’m eating. From my oatmeal, to my
beans, my lentils, green peas, I mean, you name it.” And so, I’m just enjoying it, I don’t see
it as a sacrifice. That one of the things that I learned through
Mastering Diabetes was how to manage social situations, you know, planning
for going out to areas, or a friend’s home, making
sure I bring something with me that I can eat, and then eating a little before I go
out. I don’t miss it at all. I don’t feel deprived. And, you know, because a lot of people look
at you, and go, “Gosh! This is such a horrible sacrifice you’re having
to make”, and I’m going, “What sacrifice? My body loves this. I love it. I like the way I look, I haven’t looked this
good in 20 years.” I say, “This is the best thing in the world! You should, you should all be on this!” And I try
not to preach, I’m really careful about that. But, this is, this has been an absolute joy,
and I enjoy the coaching sessions. I don’t really participate in Facebook, but
I love looking at the post now and then, and realize how really, how fortunate
I am, because I am not as bad off as so many others. I’m just glad I acted now, and didn’t listen
to my doctor, or just give up and say, “Well, what’s going to happen, is going to happen”,
because I know what would have happened. And
now, I have no fear, that is never going to happen to me. That is never going to happen to me. I’ve got my life back. The last test I had was in July of 17. I was tested in late March, almost the end
of March, and it was, had gone down from a 5.9 A1c, to a 5.2,
with the average blood glucose of 123 down to
103. And then just huge drops in the cholesterol
levels. Triglycerides went up, but I understand
that from, you know, my body is ridding itself of all of that excess fatty deposits. So I wasn’t
worried about that. All of the HDL, LDL, everything, and the total
cholesterol, was beautiful. I’ve
never had such good numbers. It’s totally reversed, and when I checked
my glucose each morning, it’s always below 100. I
have no heart palpitations. My blood pressure is ideal, it’s not just
normal, it’s ideal, it’s in 115 over 75, to 119 over 77, so it’s on a really
sweet range. This was so easy, once I realized I could
control what was going to happen, our taste buds change and re-adapt.


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