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Hi Everyone, my name’s Taofique Folarin and
this is PRIME Fitness. Today I’m going to be taking you through a workout that focuses
on the core. We’re going to be looking at strengthening the core and tightening the
abdominals. you don’t need absolutely any equipment. All you need is your body, a mat
if you have one and a nice clear floorspace. The workout is going to be set at beginners,
intermediate and advanced. So there’s definitely going to be a level for you. No matter where
you are on your fitness journey. So I’m going to break through the exercises nice and slowly
to begin with, just looking at the technique and form. And then we get to smash the workout
together at the end. Are you ready? Hey guys. So this is your first exercise,
the military plank. You want to take your plank position making sure your shoulders
are directly over the wrists. Abs are nice and tight. so you want to squeeze your glutei,
tucking them under, separating your shoulder blades. And then you come down onto your forearms
and then back up onto your hands and repeat making sure you change what hand you start
with. Making sure you keep your glutei nice and tight, eliminating your hips from rocking
side to side. Exercise number two, the V sit. Extend your
arms and legs as you breathe out, you’re going to sit up into a V position. Hold and extend
back. Squeeze up, keeping the chest lifted and the shoulders pulled down. Extend back,
extend forward and back. Breathe out. Lifting your chest.
Exercise number three. Leg raise to reverse crunch. So you want to keep your shoulders
down nice and relaxed, squeeze your legs, extending your quads. Keep the inside thighs
together. The legs come down without touching the floor, extend back, reaching for the ceiling
with your toes to your reverse crunch. Exercise number four alternating toe touch.
You got to extend the arms and legs, reaching with the right hand to meet the opposite toe.
Making sure the full upper body comes off the floor and extend back. Reach up and extend
back. Making sure you engage the lower abdominals, breathe out as you come up. Try and keep the
legs as straight as possiblle. Exercise number five, your Russian Twists.
So you want to sit backat 45 degrees making sure that your sitting right on your tail
bone, chest up, abs engaged focusing on the obliques down the side of your body. Roate
taking your shoulders around with you and the head. Breathe out and take it to the other
side. A progression from this is to take your feet off the floor. Slightly more advanced
again, what’s important is that you’re leaning back at 45 degrees abdominals stay engaged
and you take the head and shoulders all the way around, making your full range of movement.
Ok now that we know all the exercises, we can get to the main event, the workout. So
get your timers ready. So the workout
I’m going to be doing with you right now is intermediate. 45 seconds work. 15 seconds
rest. Ok, so let’s get ready. First exercise the military planks. Clocks on. Let’s go!
Nice work guys. Second exercise leg extensions to
your V sit. Almost there! Don’t forget to breathe guys. Nice work guys. OK fifteen seconds
rest. Thired exercise. Your leg raise into reverse crunch. OK let’s go. Keep it nice
and controlled. Abdominals in. We got this. 10 more seconds. I’m early! Alright guys next
exercise is our alternating toe touch. Are you ready? Breathe out. Nice straight legs.
It’s halfway guys. Final 10. Nice work. 10 seconds to our final exercise Russian Twists.
Alright let’s go. You can go with your feet up or down. Lean back at 45 degrees. Halfway!
Keep the abs nice and tight. Final 10. Nice work guys! So you as can see, I’ve got a bit
of a sweat on just there. So guys you can be able to do that for 2 or 3 sets. The choice
is yours. Nice one team. Absolutely smashed it. So everyone
at home watching, just remember, working out doesn’t need to be tiresome. Working out can
be fun. Working out is an expression of yourself. Keep your bodies moving and stay tuned for
the next video. Hey everyone. Thanks so much for watching
and don’t forget. Like. Subscribe and leave us a comment.

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