Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

first of all what specifically in this health care
reform bill the good the bad and ugly number one uh… we have it’s if this is the uh… congressman
john larson i’m quoting is top can’t immediate benefits from the belt okay he says the proudest pre-existing
conditions exclusions for children and all new plant so if your kids have a pre-existing
condition they will not be denied that’s a great with number two provided media taxes
insurance for uninsured americans or uninsured because of pre-existing
condition through a at temporary high risk pool meaning that if you had a pre-existing
condition you’re an adult you at least on a high risk pool yes you
have to pay more but at least you’ll get some sort of
coverage rather no coverage for the next four years before they get
to the point twenty fourteen where they’re not allowed to discriminate
against anybody with a pre-existing condition white is that a win yes now that high risk pool my guess is
the premiums will be through the roof but nonetheless it was you get some sort
of coverage appointed with recruiting dropping
people from coverage when they get sick in uh… all individual plans that sick that’s the practice called recision
whether go out you know we were supposed to cover you paid all your bills uh… but you didn’t tell me you had
uh… temples is that so i’m not gonna cover your uh… cancer and that was that terrorize assault
’cause they don’t really know if you have insurance or not they’re getting rid of that and that
starts immediately so that’s great uh… point over four lower seniors prescription drug prices
by begin to close the door michael ever the dog hold they had medicare won’t cover your
prescription drug czar that’ll cost that much or because it’s
on but in the middle uh… you were left to your own devices
will there be any clothes that don’t know now let me pause here to say david from who’s a conservative overworked with bush for the speech
writer form is saying look this a huge lost this goes for conserves we played it all wrong we should have negotiated and sort of say hahaha we’re gonna kill
this thing and it’s going to be old bombers waterloo because you can’t ever on do these things height of the american people say no no
we’re re-opened after donut hole so that if you have drugs as senior
citizens have uh… drug needs there in the middle well we’re not recovered you can’t go
back he said what he would give that to
people you can take it away from them while how are you gonna tell people a
you know what your kids with a pre-existing conditions uh… where to go back to the all system where they’re not covered it people or a pal of course you can’t go
back and if you go down this list these are
all the things that they can’t find you he’s a conservative what he’s basically admitting to you is these the these parts of the bill are
sold blood that the american people will never let you undo that so then why were you against that in the
first place arenella be continued and then i’m gonna get to the bad sides
of the bill uh… uses uh… represented larson says
accurately offer tax credits a small business the
purchase coverage yes so all those is in tax credits to give
more insurance a good thing eliminate lifetime limits and restrict
annual limits on benefits in all plans uh… again tro they begin to restrict annual limits uh… in the beginning and uh… ending lifetime limits uh… right away sony hey you know what you get cancer but hey
it cost over five thousand dollars are going to stop paying in the middle of
your uh… coverage because uh… you reached
your maximum lifetime limit so sad day for you on your own from here
on out what are your insurance and respects is that all right now it’s another great part of
the bill okay these are adding up uh… requires plastic cover in enrollees
dependent children until the age twenty six so that’s another thing that people are
very excited about because then because he had to stay longer remember
at sixty-five medicare takes in any way now you can get at least healthy
insurance for your kids all until twenty six again once people get used to that david fromm agrees they never wanted they’re never going to
want to give that up uh… and then require new plans cover
preventive services and immunizations without cost share it’s sensible small part of lamb but
good for the plan uh… we don’t charge you to do
preventative services so that you don’t get sick uh… and it cost us much more down the road sensible uh… continuing sure consumers have
accessed effective internal and external appeals process tequila militias plan decisions now here’s larry beginning at skeptical so for example if they say hey you know
what we think uh… you got a pre-existing
condition where the night you say that women now you can’t do that
anymore itself a fine will pay the penalty penalties apparently about a hundred
bucks a day now one of the individual million
dollars fair treatment of cancer where bitter bucks a day for how many days i don’t know through this with the regulators are
really important so if you don’t have in fact the
regulation sister private insurance companies whose
job is to make as much money as possible relative owes you anyway so that’s what this appeals process is
very important but i’m a little skeptical here are the
details process go to work out fine you think those companies will find a way to capture
that appeals process so that halo that we would have it turns
out think they would be a few of the trust company one in the ship they did
not i study get worried are now last one on
peres out was that the list is require premium rebates in police
without from insurance with high administrative expenditures require
public disclosure for the percent of premiums applied to
overhead costs sells complicate what it is as they say hey you know what you gotta spent at least x_ amount
eighty percent seventy five percent of the money you take in from people
paying their premiums to spend it on the health care the rest you can use for administrative
purposes marketing paying your exact spent a year bullets if that’s they put a reasonable number
on that and they enforce it that could be good but it’s kind of putting a giant bandage underlying problem now on the line from
this we have a for-profit system in health care insurance benefits for-profit they’re gonna look
technical and i knew you on every one of these issues whether it’s the issue of uh… you know pre-existing conditions
whether it’s the appeals process or whether it’s how much they charge you
they get to keep on their own for the executive salads and further bonuses so that lisa my overall problem with the
bill and why think it’s a a little bit of a mission accomplished
what when where everybody’s go crazy over admitting slavery greatest thing that ever happened we
finally have health care for everybody but the reality is we still have the
cancer the cancer is a sure as companies they’re trying to make a profit off of
you like flyer and fire departments uh… that should be their province of
the government like the police that should not be they some private
insurance of the get money didn’t have a shirt that god doesn’t give a damn healthcare belongs in that category not-so-subtle health care system an excellent doctors about hospitals but
insurance so that if you have a prominent paying a
premium you should be covered and what this bill
has done is that has put a lot of bandages and i don’t want to manage them
as i just told you some martha are great they’re not bandits their significant
bandages around a lot of these problems but the cancer remains and the reality is tomorrow what if the bill passes you know or the
day after the bill passes or the month after the year after these guys can and will comeback and raise your premiums so the bell is great for people who
don’t have health care coverage because it gives subsidies all the way up to
eighty thousand dollars families making eighty thousand dollars now those are so many new subsidies and
some people that uh… you know free at coverage all we have two twenty nine thousand
dollars so medicaid is also expanded so more people get covered that israel
that is true that is effective ok but on the other hand for a majority of
americans your insurance premiums will go up and then when they do they will blame the democrats they won’t linda reformed package and i
don’t blame the reform process entirely six all you see that we should add any
reform at all that’s what drove her prices if the insurance companies are smart and
they are they should raise your premiums right before the next election and they go and the republicans if you see that that day and democrats did this reform and wanted to leave screwed as their bodies an insurance companies
that get to make that decision and this bill does not chain any part of this bill that goes to
contain costs in in my estimation is gonna take at
least pain yourself block by that time you know how higher premiums are going
to be look eat why is medicare more popular than
medicaid think about is really bored medicare’s
senior citizens medicaid is for the poor right medicare is more popular kisses for
everybody it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor
your middle-class everybody gets medicare you pay until it they get when
you’re up at sixty-five medicaid is not as popular with the
general population because it’s for poor people so poor
people need it and it’s popular with them for the middle class in the race card or i care about that that if you set up a bill where the middle-class americans
unfortunately or large chunk of the population will say that’s good i’m glad they’re covered at
all but my premium went up that is a politically disastrous situation you set up because they’re gonna get angry bigan
overturn the good work that you’ve done because the bering next step is the most important stuff because right now if you declare mission
accomplished and say hi paul that saddam section down and that’s that we win veteran of back right
cuz i smell back in a little all celebration or and everybody said all this is that this
is the greatest thing that’s ever happened ano bomb a delivery four it if if u just do this thing you don’t do the
other half the savitz ifn and eventually it will be
increased premiums and that was remember the
number one problem in my estimation a lot of people that summation that we can
afford the health care coverage well then people who say no instead of
making this bill better with a new look to do in the republican or a calendar
that do this they’ll look to make it worse okay they’re gonna make less reform less
regulation more privatize e insurance and you know what we’re giving me a private insurance
industry thirty one million new custom that’s a lot of money in their pocket figure if they got money and use it against us i tell you right now i could be wrong this is not one of those things around put their hammer down and say oh it’s
definitive there’s no question about it there is definitely a question about uh… it might turn out that a lot of
the people who are optimistic or right and they say look soc purity in medicare all those things we’re not going to be getting and we
improve that and maybe found races right then we come
back around only improve the six right or maybe i’m right and the system is
different now it companies politicians are bought and paid for by
corporate america they’re not gonna make this better it anything over time they’re gonna make it worse and as long as those issues companies
continue to get more and more money their raise our premiums introduce more
warm what that more more bodyguards at their
charge and a perfect example of that is what
they were moved from the bill at the bay area and what was that well remember how they uh… hat their debt diet by senate pushed for the
center of your member in a no bomb was are very much in favor of it at the coop last-second in sounded too good to be
true and of course it turned out to be in the case where they said hey you know what it was
going to get the decide how much it they can increase our premiums other well if that’s the case well then
ok then we got a conversation i don’t love the way that you do that
because it seems like too much of government trying to figure out what
the right price should be com uncomfortable with that i think that
is a little too much government i would do it another way but hey listen at least that’s something
right where they would be able to say hey you know health and human services
decided that rate increases too hot guess what happened at the end of the
bill well as luck would have it that’s the
one thing they have to take a so in the end you have a problem with action you cannot compete with the drug
companies their friends are offended twelve years you can import new drugs in
and he came in to go see the prices uh… health that care uh… hospitals
some larger hospitals in the country they feel they’ve got a tremendous when
in fact the stock market uh… showed that today when by their prices went skyrocketing because they’re not
gonna have medicare rates apply to them that’s part of what they promised by
killing the public option remember obama struck a deal with that particular
bubbly option not with insurance companies insurance companies get all these new
customers and we cannot regulate their rates and we have no other option as to where
to go to get that ensure i am worried uh… ended if you’re celebrating today
if i love you and and i hear you because the deck the
republicans were spent axes and they wanted this to die so badly and
at least there are some very good things in this bill i’d get all of that but i
warned you don’t celebrate too hard because right now as these are this part of it is any nor miss problem
we have not fix the underlying problem and if we don’t fix that next work for a
world of trouble and for for the fed up all of these are
now you’ll be there to come by the rest when i come back to this for a long long time they would say mission accomplished let’s move on no until those premiums keep going up
and then we’ll see what happens


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