Ramadan Fasting for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers Tips & Best Diet Plan Urdu Hindi

To reach first of all to my videos Press this red subscribe button Enable notification by pressing this bell button Hello viewer I’m Memoona Muslima and you are most welcome in my video again Today topic is pregnant and breastfeeding moms related are they fasting of Ramadan or not? There is not favorable opinons about Ramadan fasting of pregnant women because some people comment it effects over baby “This is True” Baby takes effect from mother’s life style When pregnant woman fasting it effects directly to the baby but worship is also compulsory Fasting is not an ordinary thing In this summer Ramadan how we can fasting without hunger and thrist I have told in my previous video you can watch that video by clicking on this card So let me tell you about pregnant women now Look! If you’ll make a little strategy about diet plan So you can escape from deprivation of this great holy worship But how? I tell you in this video so keep watching First of all baby needs Iron or folic acid if you are using tablets for folic acid and can’t be regular due to fasting use a best alternate Dates Use dates at Iftar and Suhur both times also You will not get Iron deficiency and H.B level will be maintained second essencial thing is “Calcium” because your baby getting growth and calcium is important for its bones So ladies you can away deficiency of calcium to drink milk you can add wheat porridge with milk if you take porriage with milk you can find proteins alongwith calcium Use Semolina pudding after every 2 days it not only help to get rid of weakness rather your child get weight Semolina pudding is also very useful in common day for pregnant woman take any fruit before sleeping time less use of samosas it’s very good if you are not using don’t use fried foods baking food is safe instead of fried food because fried things creates gas and acidity in your stomch it causes suffering for you it’s very harmful to use cold drinks for pregnant women you should take mango shake, banana shake, strawberry shake also take fruit salad in much quantity Now let me tell you situation after delivery In this situation mothers are worried about fasting if they fasting breastmilk will be dry Semolina pudding is the best solution for this situation also best thing to increase breast-milk alongwith 1 spoon fennel and cumin after crashing take it with milk it’s a best remedy to increase breast-milk milk flow will be increase and enough for baby do this practice Suhur and Iftar both times Using this tip you and your baby get heath Further if you are using sour things in Iftar time then avoid to drink milk because it’ll be reason of heart burning acidity and diarrhea must take a walk after a major meal try to offer the taraveeh namaz it is a great exercise itself Allah also made the Ramadan greetings to all and through forgiveness. so viewer, hope you’ll like the video LIKE it and subcribe our channel for more videos to come Share this video on facebook and whatsapp groups and with your loved ones see you in the next video… Good Bye


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