REAGUJEME na Gym Faily / Krasinský & Enžl

guys, welcome to my new video now we will react to some gymfails and he is the first one we will look at I saw it in YouTube he saw it in my video and in Žvak´s video It has more impact than I thought you won’t shame me hi guys, welcome to the new video we will react to some fails today because from the last video with cringe you sent me a lot of messages…so today i have here Kuba because there is a lot of fails and we have to look at this…hi guys I meet with fitness fails every day in the gym and you ask me what I think about it so we will summarize it in today´s video enjoy! we have here a compilation 10 minutes of the best fails on YouTube so here we go It’s starting I’m thinking what he’s doing he strengthens his neck wtf these benches with sparring partner are awesome have a sparring partner, bench in multipress and have sparring partner during it it´s legendary he saves time, he strengthens his back
and the other strengthens the breasts we have to try it look at the spine these are mobilization exercises for core we don´t do it therefore we lift little it´s clear what he exercises we don’t have to train this I appreciate that he is maybe 70 years old why does someone shoots this man? fuck this is the reason why we don’t have calves because we don’t exercise this we have to focus on it now we have to try it those people around him don’t react full body he exercises to some party these are the jumps with the shoulders if you don´t have a time natural exercise again what? this is bullshit I don’t understand that it feels cool to them but notice that in all of these fails are people of Arab nationality you can’t see this in Czech the same types But what is it that thinks…hey come here, put your dick to my ass and we go to lift weights this is hardcore this is some Ivo Fajkus style he falls away this is how Filip trains now to the box wtf that’s exactly it paddle, crossfit people exercise like this they think that it´s good but they look like dicks during it he has a wheel he has abwheel but he lies on something I don’t understand what he’s doing this is how you save time that range of motion I don’t understand that anyone tell him anything or that his legs don’t crack it´s very dangerous this is maybe for fun bench, our discipline he has maybe 180kg yes, 180kg it´s massacre The worst is that this isn’t even fail oh fuck this mostly do women because they have boobs it´s a terribly small range of motion but it´s not fail what he gives him? he helps him by his chin he normally helps him by his chin come here Kuba to another series pull the shoulder blades together PR 120 incline he massaged his biceps I feel like it’ll kill him look at this, look at this and the guy behind him doesn’t absolutely know he was useless there this is very dangerous I’ve never seen anyone do it with dumbbells but I know that some bodybuilder went to the exhibition and he made a salto and broke his neck and died so it looks very fun but it´s very dangerous he just trolls it it´s Bender in cardio you’re happy the most these are my Vietnameese they cook like that during it he makes Pho taste it what he gives it to him he trolls it what they think random moves everything here has to be created somewhere so somewhere in the world there must be an even bigger jerk than he oh no he will try it again oh fuck this is worse than the guy before this is bad Look how it jumps backwards he´s doing muscle moonwalk what? normally how does he hold there? why? tell me why? he´s kalistenik, they exercise by this way but hold there like this but I think that he knew what he was doing lifters this is not troll this is serious look at this this happens when you avoid basic exercises and heavy weights and then you try to catch up on the pulleys pulleys are for end pumping then it turns out like that he sits on him oh fuck I’m thinking what they’re doing he is training his neck here he is training his neck,
we did that too why he doesn´t do it on the ground it´s more interesting, bigger adrenaline in air he has a saddle what kind of a machine is it? it´s some saddle, wtf to him it is perfectly cool but he´s Vietnameese they are extreme it looks like when you’re challenging someone to fight come here again Asian man he trains to ping-pong how would you sum it up? sometimes I meet some fail but here in Czech are fails like bad deadlifts it´s sad but funny because today on the Internet is so many information a lot of videos with tutorials that if you are doing it badly, you are jerks it´s unreal to do it wrong but in the world new machines are still being created which look like from another galaxy and people don´t know how exercise on them it´s true, in the Czech it doesn’t happen so often I don’t meet with these extrems only with fails with bad technique it´s in every gym It’s not that I said to myself wtf I haven’t seen for a long time these deadlifts with really bad technique but it´s in every gym today you have it for 300,-CZK heavy this was our reaction to fails write to the comments what do you want to see next time if you want me too you know that my content is a little boring but in his videos it’s the opposite nothing serious will be shoot with me so give like, comment, subscribe and see you next time you are not so boring like in these videos because I´m with you I spoil people, I spoil everyone I´m dry you know what must never be dry? pussy it reminds me that I’m hungry and I’m going to put something in my mouth dad? I´m posing like Fajkus let´s try this tighten the muscles and scream


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