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– Hey, everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today
we have a practice that is designed to
reunite you with your core. And no, I’m not just
talking about the abs, but yes, the abs too. So hop into something comfy,
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, party people,
let’s hop right to it. We’re gonna begin today’s
practice on the ground. So come on down. Get your back on your mat. Take a deep
“I love you” breath in. I’m serious. Breathe like
you love yourself today. Life’s too short. You’re gonna walk the heels
up towards the sits bones, bring your palms to the earth, and when you’re ready, inhale,
lift the hips up high, shins go forward. You can snuggle the shoulder
blades together a bit here. We’re slowly lifting
the hips up towards the sky. We’re slowly grounding in
through the soles of the feet. We’re slowly
taking the deepest breath we’ve taken in all day, and then slowly exhaling
as you lower the hips down. Excellent. Walk
the feet together. Open the knees wide. Reach the fingertips forward,
inhale in. Exhale, you’re gonna
reach, reach, reach towards the
front edge of your mat. Keep your neck
nice and long here as you start to begin to
contract through the belly, the abdominal wall. Keep the neck nice and long. If you need extra support
for the head or neck here, no worries, just bring
the hands behind the head. Keep the elbows
nice and wide though. Holding here, breathing,
breathing, breathing. Gaze up. So not crunching
the chin to the chest, but keeping the
neck nice and long. We’re here for three, two.
You did awesome. On the one, slowly come back in. Great. Lift the shins parallel. You’re gonna really
scoop the tailbone up so that your navel
draws down to the earth. Great. Cross the arms over the chest. Inhale in. Exhale. You’re gonna lift, lift,
lift the heart up. Try to think about keeping
your gaze up towards the sky. You’re gonna hold here,
breathing deep, breathing, breathing, breathing. Scooping tailbone up,
hugging lower ribs down, starting to feel the muscles
of the abdominal wall turn on. Great. Then here we go.
Check it out. You’re gonna
take the fingertips, reach them all
the way behind you, then straighten the legs,
inhale in, and then exhale. Hug everything in to the chest. Ah. Find what feels good here. Rock gently side to side. You can take a Happy Baby. You can extend one
leg and then the other. Take a couple deep
“I love you” breaths of here. Mmm. Awesome, then
interlace the fingertips. Bring them behind the head,
elbows nice and wide. Send the legs all the way up. Inhale in, exhale. Just the left leg lowers down,
just the left leg. Try to keep the feet awake here. So you can point
the toes or flex, just not lots of energy. And then slowly
bring the left leg back up. Inhale in, exhale, right
leg hovers above the ground. Beautiful. Keep breathing and
keep switching back and forth, scissoring the
legs back and forth, moving with your breath. If you want a little more here, you can lift the head,
the shoulders, the elbows. Keep the elbows nice and wide. So you have two options here. Starting to warm up. Light a little fire. Reunite with your core. Awesome. Nice and slow and steady here, so you don’t have to work
super fast, breathing deep, finding that center point to
reconnect with your center, and keep the lower
back flush with the mat. Awesome work.
Even it out. And then slowly
release the hands. Keep the feet where they are. You’re gonna walk your hands,
or your thumbs rather, underneath your bum, or another option is to grab
the outer edges of the feet, of the mat, sorry. Flex your feet towards your
face, so toes towards your face. Inhale in, exhale, you’re gonna slowly
lower the feet and legs down just about halfway, halfway. Inhale in as you
pause at the halfway mark and then slowly lower
them all the way down. Whoo, and they kiss the earth. Take a deep
“I love you” breath in. Reach the
fingertips all the way up. Take a nice full-body stretch. Feel the muscles of the
abdominal wall get long here. Inhale in, and then exhale. You’re gonna hug everything in, we’re gonna begin to
rock all the way up to a seat. You can rock as many
times as you like here. Find what feels good. And then we’re gonna
come to sit up nice and tall. Find length in the spine. Feet are gonna
come to the ground. The knees are gonna be bent. And right away here, we’re thinking about lifting
up from the pelvic floor. So we’re not just like expecting everything to just
magically feel supported. You have to activate the parts
of the body that you need to to recruit for stability. So start to lift up from
the pelvic floor a bit here. Hug the low ribs in. Breath helps. Reunite with your breath here, breathing into all
four sides of the torso. And now, for the core. So you’re gonna take the left
arm in front, bend it here, right arm on top. Inhale in. Try to
keep the shoulders relaxed as you exhale. Great. Then
lean back just a bit. You’ll start to feel
the transverse abdominals turn on here. And then you
might just stay here, or you might lift the shins. Breathe deep. Stay here, or we’re
gonna add a twist. So you’re gonna take the
elbows, turn them to the left, touch the right toes down. Great. Reconnect back at center. Turning to the right now,
touching the left toes down. Beautiful. Back to center. Turning to the left,
right toes kiss down. Back to center. Turning to the right,
left toes kiss down. Now keep it going,
back and forth, finding that
center point each time. Now lighting up through the
obliques, through the low belly. Syncing up with a
breath pattern that serves you, maybe inhaling as you come to
center, exhaling to twist. Lift up through the chest,
through the sternum here. You’re doing great.
Let’s do one more on each side. Careful not to speed it up. Great. Then come back to center. You’re gonna cross the ankles. We’re gonna inhale,
lift the elbows up. Big stretch up
towards the sky. Inhale in, exhale,
twist to the left. Just wring it out here. Lift your chest. Grow tall. Breathe in, and breathe
out to come back to center. We’ll take it to the other side, breathing deep here,
finding length. Should feel really good. Yes. And then slowly
bring it back to center. Awesome. From here,
we’re gonna come through, slowly making
our way to all fours. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, set
yourself up for greatness. So find a nice strong base. Spread the palms super wide, wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly
underneath the hips. Benji, you’re doing great. Okay, here we go.
Finding a hollow position. So you’re gonna
slowly draw your navel up towards your spine. Start to round through the back. The placement of the
hands is so important here, my foundation, pressing,
pressing, pressing away from the yoga mat,
creating space. Great. Just take a
couple deep breaths here, finding that hollow front body, lifting the navel up, up,
up towards the sky, engaging the muscles
of the abdominal wall with each exhale. Excellent. You can stay working
here or curl the toes under. Inhale in, and on an exhale,
lift the knees. Find this static hold here. Now if the knees are lifted, hollow in the front body,
breathing deep. Soften through
the skin of the face. So no gripping, no clinching. Breathing, breathing, breathing to find that Sukha,
that ease here, as you hold for ten,
nine, you got this, eight, seven, six, you got it, five, four, three, two, on the one, lower the knees. Bring the big toes to touch,
knees as wide as the yoga mat. Send the hips back,
walk the fingertips forward, and melt your sweet heart down. Alright, this is precious time that you’ve
carved out for yourself, so close your
eyes and utilize it. Lean in. You can take the palms together, bring them up over
the back of the neck as you walk the elbows forward, and really take a big
breath in and out here. And find what feels good. So dropping into
the present moment. Acknowledging any
thoughts that come to mind but then returning to
the sensations in your body. Returning to the breath. And I feel like this is
a super important moment, particularly in this practice, because reuniting with your
core is not just about the abs. It’s about finding center, and it’s about taking
time to get to know yourself in whatever stage
of life you’re in. Knowing who you are,
knowing your core beliefs, having this sense of center. If you’re down with that,
take a deep breath in, and a long breath out. And then slowly
release the fingertips forward. We’ll slowly come back up. Hi, Benji. You woke up. Say hello to everyone. Okay. Walk those palms out now. Spread the
fingertips once again. Come into Plank. You got this. If the wrists are sensitive,
ooh, hair toss, shout out to Lizzo, then you can come onto the
elbows here for a Forearm Plank. So yogi’s choice. Lift your heart space up
between your shoulder blades. Spread them left to right so you feel this
kind of doming effect in the upper-back body. Reach, reach,
reach your heels back. Send the crown of your head
forward, breathing deep here, for ten, nine,
eight, seven, six, five, four, lift your heart
space a little higher, two, and on the one,
send the hips up high and back Downward Facing Dog.
Pedal it out. Find what feels good here. Remember your breath. Then anchor the left
heel down and inhale. Lift the right leg up high. On the exhale, you’re
gonna shift it forward. Upper body’s gonna be in Plank as you slowly hug your right
knee in towards your heart. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
then inhale, kick it back out. Exhale, right knee
to left elbow. Cross it over, nice and slow. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Careful not to rush. Great. Inhale, kick it out,
Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, right
knee to right elbow, nice and slow, slow and steady. You got this. Beautiful. Inhale, kick it out. One more time.
Back to center, exhale, take it all the way up and
in toward your heart space. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. Try to touch your right
heel to your right glute. Excellent. Then send it back,
Downward Facing Dog. We’re going right
into the other side. Anchor the right heel down. Inhale. Lift the
left leg up high. Claw through your fingertips to take pressure
out of the wrists. Exhale. Draw it in. Squeeze, knee to nose. Great. Inhale, kick it out. Exhale, cross it
over nice and slow. See how slow you can move here,
slow and steady. Beautiful.
Inhale, kick it out. Claw through the fingertips. Now left knee to left elbow. Take it nice and slow,
shoulders over the wrists. Excellent. Kick it out. Here we go, last one,
squeezing that left knee all the way up and in,
breathing deep. Try to touch your left
heel to your left glute, squeezing it up,
up, up, defying gravity. Excellent. Then
Downward Facing Dog. Take an inhale in here,
and as you exhale, go ahead and breathe
out through your mouth, pressing into the
index finger and thumb. Awesome. From here,
slowly lower the knees. Come to sit back on your heels. Nice and easy. Just take the fingertips forward and then drop them
down to the ground. Ahh. Zombie arms. (snaps) And then you can take some fists and take a
couple of wrist circles. Alright, last beat.
Let’s do it. Coming back to our Plank.
You got this. Do not stop this video. Do not press pause. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Here we go. We got this. So it’s not really even about the side planks we’re
about to do, wink, wink. It’s about following through. You carved out this
time for yourself. Let’s do it. And I’ll give you a
couple options to modify, so you can find what feels good.
Here we go. From the Plank,
we’re gonna slowly turn onto the outer
edge of the right foot. First, first, bus stop. Bring the top leg up and over so you create a strong
foundation, a little kickstand, so that you can
press away from the earth with your right hand and slowly take the
left fingertips to the sky. Option one. Option two: stack the feet. Option three: lift the top leg. Connect to your center. Hug the lower ribs in,
breathing deep. Find a variation
here that feels awesome. Maybe it’s a
tree side Plank today. Breathing, breathing, breathing. On your last
cycle of breath here, lift the hips little higher,
you got this. And then exhale the
come back to center. Take a break with the
knees down if you need to. Otherwise, going right in. This is the last bit.
Here we go. Stacking the feet,
creating a kickstand by bringing the
right foot to the ground. Everyone, lift
your hips up high. Spiral your heart
up towards the sky. You have everything
you need to play here. Breathing deep,
just find your version of the shape today, and
then remember your breath. Lift the hips up high. You got this. Have fun. Be kind to yourself. Take one more
breath to spiral your heart and lift your
hips up a little higher and then use the exhale to
come all the way back down. Alright, check it out. Inhale the shift forward,
exhale the lower halfway, halfway, halfway. Inhale the lift up. Exhale the lower halfway,
halfway, halfway. Inhale the lift up. Feel free to lower
the knees if you need to. Last one, exhale lower halfway. Keep those elbows hugging in. Draw your navel
up towards the spine. And then slowly
release everything down. Take a deep breath in,
a long breath out. Drag the fingertips off the mat. Lift up through
the center of the palm. Inhale. Cobra or a little modified
Cobra here as you inhale. Smile just a bit. And then exhale to
release everything. Press up to all fours. Walk the knees in
together really together. Child’s Pose, yay. Forehead comes to the earth. If Child’s Pose
is not right for you, just come into a nice,
comfortable seat and take three long, beautiful,
centering breaths. (breathing) After three breaths,
slowly begin to rise up. Bring the palms together. Let them gently come
together at your heart. So you can repeat this video
if you want a little more or maybe it is
inspiring for you to maybe try another video. I will link to some
videos that I suggest might go well with this reuniting with your core practice. And as always,
subscribe to the YouTube channel if you haven’t already. That’s the best
way to support YWA. I love you guys so much. Let us know how this
practice went for you in the comments
section down below, and I’ll see you soon. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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