I had a scenario where my workout partner dropped a 200 pound dumbbell on my toe because he didn’t know how heavy it was gonna be when he was getting ready to do flat bench dumbbell presses. It kinda broke it, but it was right at the tip. It was the most pain I ever felt in my life but it didn’t hinder my training.. Being the person that I am The determined person that I am. I was back in the gym the next day Doing squats and everything else. The only thing I couldn’t do was .. .. Probably calf raises. That was light weight. Once you find a winning formula for something.. You don’t really go away from it, you continue to do what it took to get you to win all those other titles. I’m pretty much doing the same thing That I’ve always done. Train you know real hard.. Heavy and all that kind of stuff. The first thing I thought was all the hard work .. .. All the time that I’ve been up there on that treadmill .. And putting in that whole hour before work and after work. Having to go to work, and the times in the gym, all these times that I kneeled and prayed.. It was just a whole bunch of emotions going through my mind all at one time. It’s kinda hard to put in words. It’s almost like the greatest feeling in the world. Time to get the show on the road!!

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