Rooting Exercise – achieving a proper posture

I’m it talk to you about rooting we’re doing this outside because
everything in nature is a mirror of itself. In in order to have proper foundations in the body we want to root like the tree. This is a fabulous exercise to create that proper lower body posture. Now what most people do is they end up standing with their feet wider than hip distance apart, hyper-extending at the knee, shifting the body weight to one side. This causes havoc in our tissue and causes incorrect alignment in the lower body causing that incorrect alignment up the chain. So we want to look at the feet, we wanna have the feet pointing straight ahead and no wider than hip distance apart. Then I’m going to be putting the block as high up into the groin as possible. So now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna slightly bend the knees. Again – most people hyper-extended the knees. We want to slightly bend the knees, then by squeezing the block we’re creating an internal rotation up the thighs. Then notice what happens here, we should have sixty percent of our body weight on our heels. The average person has eighty percent on the balls of the feet. For me to bring my center of gravity back to properly root, I need to squeeze the anus. That creates that proper alignment for the lower body. Now if we practice this for 2 to 3 minutes a day, the goal is then that we make this a habit so that whenever we’re standing we’re applying that proper posture into the body. If you practice that you will definitely notice changes in your health and your posture. Now we’re gonna move inside onto the mat so that you can learn how to use the block buddy more effectively and more deeply in your tissue.

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