Senior Fitness Exercises : Bi-cep Curl Exercise for Senior Health & Fitness

The next exercise I’m going to perform is
a bicep curl. You can do this sitting or standing. I will demonstrate both sitting and standing
for you, with or without your hand weights – arms are going to come by your side,
feet together, knees together, abs really tight, palms facing forward and exhale as
you lift. Curl all the way up and lower all the way down as you inhale. Extend those arms
but you don’t want to lock them. Exhale as you lift, inhale lower. Exhale lift, inhale
lower. Very good. If you feel that you have a bit more balance and you want to challenge
yourself, go ahead and stand up. Feet are going to come hip with apart, palms facing
forward and exhale lift and only moving those arms and inhale lower. Exhale lift and lower.
Very good. Keep the abs tight. Lift and lower.

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