Short HELP Talk: Benefits of Healthy food- Flax seeds

good afternoon the first of the series
of using Indian herbs and Indian spices for health benefit today we have taken
at help library something very special called flax seeds very few people use
flex seeds for the day-to-day use but it is a request from my end that you must
use flexes in your daily cooking flexes is one of the seeds which is highly rich
in omega t which is also available in large quantity in fish oil which what we
call flex seeds can be used as it is or in powder form or what we call it in oil
flexees other name is linseed oil flex it in one of the most concentrated plant
source of omega-3 fats flex it contains fifty to sixty percent omega-3 fatty
acid in the form of alpha plexus I reach an antioxidant b-vitamin dietary fiber a
group of distinct all Dingles proteins and potassium flex seeds what are the
advantages of flexes it contains what we say is very good for the heart and it’s
also very rich sources which can help you in lowering the blood cholesterol
and blood pressure this is something amazing for people who are little
overweight people who want to you know have the obesity where you want to come
down they can use this flex it which will help them it is also very very
important for prostate cancer you my it has been is a slow growth which are
helps us out the cons the advantages of the flaxseed oil or flex it by itself
that it can be taken well like a fish oil for the body but we need to eat in
small measurements you cannot keep on going around you know having at the last
continent because there can be a lot of problem which we’ll discuss it later on
it has to be take stored in a very cool place and very tight lid because it just
lends it very very fast and This is what I feel that if you can take care of it wantedly use it regularly keep on buying
it that will only help us to preserve its life what are these advantages other
it has a very high fiber content and you need to have it in your diet very slowly
and increase it very gradually otherwise you know what will happen it will have
cramping bloating and you will have lot of loose motion problem with your
stomach how do we eat them that’s so easy to eat you can use it like you know
your salt and pepper use it on a vegetarian by grinding them you know on
your yogurt on your fruits on your salads whatever way it is and you can be
used very very what you call it is honestly lavishly and it will add taste
and it will add help to you and one of the main level of that that you need to
have it every day thank you

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