Short-Term Health Insurance – An ACA alternative at 50% of the cost

All right welcome to Good Neighbor
Insurance this is Mark Sequeira and today I want to talk to you a little bit about
short-term health insurance for those who are in the U.S. So if you’re a U.S.
resident you may know that if you don’t have group health insurance through your
employer you’re kind of stuck you’re kind of either having to go into like
some kind of a share plan which isn’t really insurance or you were having to
go on to and select an ACA plan individual ACA healthcare plan
only problem with that is depending on what state you’re in and depending on
what county you’re in you may find very very limited options as far as your
choices for health care you may find that there’s only one choice and maybe
it’s not very good you may find that your network that they give you the
choice of networks doesn’t include your doctor or doesn’t include your
specialist or doesn’t include hospital down the street where you would
typically go for care maybe it’s hundreds of miles away the
nearest hospital that’s part of your insurance plan so that’s a big problem
so one of the solutions we have today we’re gonna I’m going to tell you a
little bit about is the pivot short-term health insurance plan which you can
renew is for three months you can renew it depending on your state again up to
four times so your long coverage for you and your family
we are expecting almost any day a new ruling from the Trump administration
regarding short-term health insurance so that you could buy a one-year policy and
depending on whatever state you’re in you could buy for 30 day policies or
equivalent of a one-day on your policy that ruling has not come down yet but in
some states like Arizona and others you can go ahead just keep renewing with no
increase in deductibles no increase in premiums guaranteed renewal rate that
type of thing I will put the link to the pivot plan down below but you can also
go to and search for pivot and you can find some more
information now this plan one of the issues with ACA type health insurance or
people needing short-term health insurance if you’re outside of the open
enrollment period for Obamacare or ACA health insurance you can’t get health
insurance so you may want this type of a plan a pivot plan for three months six
months any one month any number of time any amount of time for your family until
you can get on open enrollment so that’s one good option that you can get you can
get this plan anytime any day for any amount of time number two you might be
temporarily unemployed so you might have lost your job and you no longer have
group health insurance and you may need coverage for you or your family you
might be the only one in your family covered through your employer and your
children your wife your husband may need health insurance because they’re not on
a plan and your health insurance for your work only covers you again this is
a great plan you may be looking for a Cobra alternative so you may have Cobra
through your work but it may have run out you may have Cobra as a result of
unemployment but you’re looking again for more options so this might be a good
option for that you might be a child who was underneath their parents plan but
you’re going out of state for school and so you need insurance you could use this
for that we also have student plans so if you’re enrolled in college we have
some great student plans you may want to consider your college may also have some
options you may want to look into but this is a great alternative again very
affordable did I say that I mentioned that it’s about half the rate of a lot
of Obamacare ACA plans so in that sense you might be looking for just a more
affordable alternative to ACA health insurance in your state you just simply
can’t afford ACA health insurance you may be waiting for your employer
benefits to start you may already have a new job but there’s a three month
waiting period a six month waiting period in order to get on the group
health insurance plan this is a great gaff type plan that will
help you in between times you may be uninsured just due to other
circumstances in life may be due to a divorce something like that you may not
work long longer have benefits you may not be eligible for subsidies on ACA
I already mentioned you may need a more affordable option you may not have
a PP PP ACA alternative or Obamacare choice in your area at all and you may
be a recent graduate who is or over 26 and you’re not going to college at all
but you’re getting bounced off your parents plan and you need again
affordable health insurance lastly, you may be out of work and you may be
starting your own company your own job creating your own employment your own
business and seeking to possibly employ others and you need an alternative or a
choice to recommend to your workers and or you yourself are cash for
bootstrapping it looking for an option other than ACA health insurance for
yourself and your family so for all these various reasons we want to
encourage you to look at pivot short-term health insurance in the U.S.
it’s available now many more States than ever before about 30 a think at the
moment like I said any any given month or day that may change due to federal
rulings and it may be available in every state right now based on state laws some
states it’s available for up to a year some states that’s available not at all
some states it’s available for in 90 days so check below again in the link below or at
and the other thing you can do is always call us or email so you can call for 480-813-9100, 480-813-9100 or Skype us at Good Neighbor
Insurance or you can email us at info at GN insurance dot com that’s [email protected] and let us know your age let us know your situation and we’ll do
our best to help you there are some other options we have available asides
pivot but we like some of it choices you have there one of the things
is they have you can call a doctor and do telemedicine I think it’s $40 per
call and it’s over over the internet video calling and you can be consulted
and you can get prescriptions to a doctor without having to actually go in
anywhere so that’s really convenient as well it’s available 24/7 so just one of
the many many benefits that you can get who this plan is not good for so the
cons of short term health insurance the reason why this short term health
insurance is cheap is it’s like old health insurance we used to have back in
the day before some of the new laws which means that they can it’s not great
if you have pre-existing conditions it’s not going to cover pre-existing
conditions and if you have seriously compromised health or you’re not
generally healthy person this is probably not going to be great insurance
for you so those are just a couple caveats if you’re fairly healthy your
family is fairly healthy this might be a great alternative to help you until you
can get on some other kind of a situation and/or to protect family
members so again thank you this is Mark at Good Neighbor Insurance I will put a
link to our blog post down below to give you some more information about this
plan or you can write us at [email protected] and we can send you some
more info via email all right thanks a lot have a great day this is Mark Good
Neighbor Insurance, bye bye.

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