Short-Term Plans: Health Insurance that’s Right for You

Skyrocketing premiums and limited
choices have made options for affordable health insurance few and far between. 29
million Americans remain uninsured, and thousands more have been priced out of
the market by options they can’t afford. But with short term plans, these
individuals can compare and buy affordable health insurance plans that
are right for them at any time. Short-term plans are up to 50 to 80%
less expensive and will provide affordable temporary coverage for up to
two million uninsured Americans. They’re options for anyone needing a bridge
between other types of coverage or anyone in transition. A recent graduate
whose first job is without benefits can still have the coverage she needs. A
retiree who’s not quite eligible for Medicare can get the insurance he needs.
A woman working her way off welfare can purchase the health coverage that’s
right for her. Short term plans will give people the peace of mind they need at a
price they can afford. Learn more at the FGA dot org slash
short-term plans

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