Shoulder Workout with Alex Oda

What’s going on guys Alex Oda here and I
am at Ironclad Fitness Studio in Roselle and today we are covering delts. Specifically this is my shoulder day, and
for those of you who have been following me for a while, some of you guys have asked,
you know, when do I train delts, when do I train my trap muscles and my trap muscles
are actually overdeveloped so I don’t have a designated date for my traps. I use shoulder days specifically for shoulders. So today we’re going to focus primarily on
the front and the side and then if we have time we’re going to try to introduce a rear
delt exercise to really bring everything together. But all right guys we’re going to jump into
this with strength sets and then a little bit of hypertrophy. Alright guys so first exercise we’re doing
is five sets of five seated shoulder press. Really, really good strength building exercise
and depending on how I’m feeling with my wrists, I’ll either do a barbell press or I’ll do
a dumbbell pres. So over time I’ll notice if I do too make
barbell exercises my wrists start to succumb a little bit and they go sore. So I’ll alternate for a two month period where
I’m doing barbell and a two month period where I’m doing dumbbell. You can focus and isolate a bit more with
the dumbbell press but you get more compound movements in with the barbell press. So like I said guys, five sets of five. Alright guys so the next exercise we’re doing
is four sets of seven and nine for lateral raise. So we’re going to seated dumbbell lateral
raises really focusing on that side delt development and we’re going to bring this up nice to shoulder
height. It’s going to be really controlled, getting
a lot of good reps I, and we’re going for a seven to nine rep range. Right after this we’re going to pump things
up with a similar side delt exercise but we are going to do a higher volume for nine to
twelve. Alright guys, rounding things off we’re doing
four sets of nine to twelve for lateral raises. This machine is great because we’re able to
target a little more of a portion of our delts, as compared the exercise right before this
where we were targeting the whole delt head. So we’re going for a quicker rest time now,
so anywhere from a minute and a half to a minute forty five seconds really pumping things
up and targeting those side delt muscles. Alright guys so exercise number four we’re
focusing on upright rows with the EZ barbell, so this guy right over here really really
good for getting that targeted movement and really focusing on the front of the delt. So we’re going for power sets here and after
this the next exercise we’re focusing on hitting our rear delts to round everything out. Alright guys so the final exercise we’re doing
is rear delt face pulls which is really going to target the rear portion of our delt. We’re going for hypertrophy so four sets of
nine to twelve to really bring everything together and to really get that last bit of
pump. So, at this point you’re going to feel pretty
drained but you really want to focus on concentrating and isolating the movement with your isometrics,
so holding it and locking out, and then the negative portion of the movement when you
bring it down. Alright guys that’s it for delt day, shoulders
focusing on the front delt, side delt, and the rear delts, really bringing everything
all together. As I mentioned earlier at the video I actually
don’t train my traps directly, though if you guys are really focusing on trap development,
I highly recommend doing shrugs where you have two dumbbells, and you’re rolling forward,
rolling backwards, and then going up and down. I would do all three of those movements, count
it as one set, and then repeat that three more time. So four sets of front roll, back roll, up
and down, and make the rep range anywhere from nine to twelve. But that’s it guys for shoulders and optionally
traps, but I’ll see you guys next time.

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