Sleep, Eat & Exercise

This course is very useful and helpful. One of the best courses that I had ever at this University. The class was an eye-opener for me, and I always talk to my parents now
about eating healthier and changing their ways. This course can really help you as far as determining what you should be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Before getting into the course, I was less educated in a lot of stuff that effects me daily, like exercising and eating right. I try to eat a little bit more fruit and vegetables, because I realize I didn’t take nearly as much as I need to. Especially these first years starting college, I think it’s very important and very helpful for college students to realize these things. It will actually make you think more instead of just taking responses when people say things. You will actually see more of yourself in that course. If you want to learn more about health and take your
life into your own hands, it’s the best way.

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