Slim Fit Trim Health & Fitness: Hip Flexor Quad Test

hey there Darryl Eng from Slim Fit
Trim Health and Fitness and Western-Style Martial Arts thanks again
for watching another one of my health and fitness videos I hope you find them
helpful today I want to just talk about a really quick test and you can
determine whether or not you might have a tight quad muscle or you could be
having a weak hip flexor the psoas muscle and what that leads to is lower
back pain a lot of times you’re wondering why it’s achy and it hurts so
you can’t walk it’s it’s or it’s harder to walk long distances running working
out a long time doing situps and the main culprit as you might have seen in a
few of my other videos is sitting a lot of us have office jobs and so you’re
just sitting all day long typing on the computer this muscle
doesn’t get worked out along with everything else of course but this
muscle gets really really weak and then you’ll wake up with an achy back that
sort of thing and so I want to be able to help you figure out what you can do
about that ok so the first part of the test is pretty simple you have a bench
all right and what you want to do is you just want to lay on the bench and then
pull one knee up towards your chest and then with the other leg extend it out
and you already see that my leg lifted up off the bench you bring it back down
and it’s still off the bench well that’s a pretty good indication that you
probably have a tight quad ok but if you can lift it up it stays on the bench
come back down stays on the bench and you probably got pretty good flexibility
in the quad the next part of this test is just to see whether or not the hip
flexor is weak and that’s pretty simple and if you don’t have good balance you
can just put your leg right up on the bench here and what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna you’re gonna grab your knee you’re gonna pull it up towards your
chest and after you pull it up you should be looser this have your leg stay
right there when you let go now surprisingly a lot of people when they
do this it drops down and they have a tough time bringing the back up past 90
it just drops right down if it drops down that’s a pretty good indication
that you’ve got a weak hip flexor okay but if you can hold it up here and it
stays there then you’re doing pretty good all right
so anyway that’s the quick test I hope you find this video helpful please give
me a thumbs up down below also there’s a link to injury specialists Rick Kaselj
he’s got a program called the Sequential Flow Method which goes
through stretching and strengthening the hip flex your area please go check that
out all right and I will be talking to you more about other strength and
stretching videos I hope you enjoy them I look forward to seeing you soon all
right thanks a lot take care see ya

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