Snuggy Hoods Exercise Sheet Product Video UK

>>RACHEAL: The Snuggy Hoods exercise sheet
is a dream come true in the winter. It’s made with a double layer of soft polar fleece.
Not only is it warm, it wicks away moisture. There are 10 fun colours to chose from and…
even better …. The sheet is reversible with either plain navy or plain black on the other
side. It is quick and simple to put on: lay it evenly
and flat across the horses back, add the saddle pad and then the saddle. You can either put your saddle pad on underneath
or over the top – for Snuggy Flexibility. Put the girth through the girth straps. And
the fillet string under the tail – this adds security for the windiest of days. It comes in two sizes, pony which is up to
5 foot 9 or horse which is anything bigger than that. The Snuggy Hoods exercise sheet makes all
the difference in cold and icy winter weather. Please visit Snuggy Hoods dot com.

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