Stanley Goes to The Gym! – Family friendly comedy video

(Musical intro) (Stanley Goes To The Gym)
(silent comedy video)
(Stanley looks around the gym) (Stanley decides to use the treadmill)
(He sets the buttons and starts the treadmill)
(He’s frightened, then surprised it’s so easy) (He decides to increase the speed)
(Stanley thinks about the muscles he wants and
decides to increase the speed even more, for super muscles!) (Stanley has a hard time keeping up with the treadmill)
(He tries his best moves, but, finally turns the treadmill off, in defeat) (Stanley leaves the treadmill to try the
next machine… the Stairmaster!) (Stanley steps on, and starts the Stairmaster)
(Once again, he finds it too easy and increases the speed) (The Stairmaster becomes too much for Stanley)
(He turns off the machine and it slows to a stop) (Stanley staggers and stumbles off of the Stairmaster
and across the gym, almost falling to the gym floor) (Stanley needs to sit down)
(The only seat in the gym is a bicycle machine)
(He sits, to rest, on it) (The bicycle machine starts itself)
(Stanley trys to turn it off, but can’t)
(Stanley peddles, trying to keep up) (Stanley fights the machine)
(He peddles)
(Stanley fights more) (Stanley finally wins and shuts the machine off) (Exhausted, and in fear it will re-start,
Stanley leaves the bicycle machine) (Stanley is very dizzy) (He falls)
(Oh no!)
(musical concern) (Stanley is okay!)
(He fixes himself and dusts off) (Stanley thinks)
(He checks his muscles) (Stanley wonders if huge muscles are worth it)
(He decides they are not worth going to the gym
and has an epiphany) (Stanley checks his muscles again)
(He decides he’s great, just the way he is!) (Stanley goes to the gym door, to leave)
(He is happy) (Stanley dances)
(musical exit)


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