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– [Narrator] NPT Reports, Aging Matters. – [LaTonya Turner] 10000 baby
boomers turn 65 each day. One of the first things they’ll do is sign up for Medicare, the federal health insurance
program for older adults. – When Medicare was first initiated back in 1965, it was quite simple. It had hospital coverage and
your medical services coverage and all you needed was a supplement. Now, with the addition of drug coverage and the option of
Medicare Advantage plans, it is more complex and a person has to consider the cost of both options as well as the convenience that
they want in either option. – Hi, my name is Julia Farrell and I need a little help
with making some decisions about my drug plan. – [LaTonya] Fortunately,
Julia found someone to help her navigate Medicare through SHIAP, the State Health Insurance
Assistance Program. – Calling SHIAP is one
of the most objective, knowledgeable resources
that older Americans have. We’re able to work with that person about their situation and because we’re a
federally funded program, we don’t have any reason to steer someone into any particular path within Medicare. – As we age, I think we
are seeing the importance of having someone to help. Family, friends, you need
somebody there with you to help you navigate this stuff. (gentle music)

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