Steve Laureus’ Classic Arm Workout | ๐Ÿ’ช Massive Pump Warning ๐Ÿ’ช

alright guys this is ifbb pro Steve Laureus
I compete in classic physique Muscle & Strength thank you so much for having me here to demonstrate
some of my arm workouts for you guys so I’m actually here at Pro-Fit Gym in Deer Park
so check it out guys and stay tuned so normally I would do this just to warm up my elecronon
which is the bone here so I’m just going start doing 3 sets as a warm up
sometimes I don’t want to be too scientific on things that I do I just keep it very basic
it actually helps me to explain certain things that I am doing as far as training and also
dieting as well I’m going to do the seated tricep extensions over there and then after
that I’m going to superset that with alternative dumbbell curls I started training with my
father and then every day we’d go in the garage my dad after work he would come home and train
with me I did it for like 2 years and I needed to go to a bigger you know environment with
more equipment you know so I started training in the gym when I was like 17 years old my
mom was killed when I was a kid right my childhood wasn’t the best I never picked the wrong path
I’ve always been very positive in my life so at times I feel like coming into the gym
and started training at a very young age was a remedy to me I feel like it releases a lot
of stress it gets my mind to be very clear because I endured a pain that I that I get
here I feel like I’m releasing so much of that I’m leaving it here so I dont go back
home and feeling unhappy about myself so uh I respect the gym I respect the weights I
respect the lifestyle you know um I feel like this is what makes me a man come in here and
train hard and do what I got to do every day its its it gives you a lot of discipline and
self respect I do superset sometimes because it feels good
because of the pump but technically my workouts are very like the same basically I don’t really
change much I can change the reps and the range of intensity or whatever it depends
on the day how much food I have in me but I dont typically believe that its something
that you always have to change all the time is the routine I’m trying to get at least
8-12 reps on the last set this is extremely heavy weight and a lot of concentration in
the muscle and also I’m going to squeeze as much as I can to finish that set I normally use the arm blaster it’s a very
old school equipment that a lot of the pros back then used to use Arnold Schwarzenegger
actually made this arm blaster very famous cause he used to use it a lot for his biceps
so I’m a classic physique competitor um anything that I can do to actually show the guys I
still follow in the same concept as the old guys back then like you know like the Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Alberto Fox all of these guys used to use these equipment so I’ve been
applying it a lot in my training lately and it’s been very very helpful as you see a lot
of things I do for biceps are my elbows are assisted all the time um I’m not swinging
anything all over the place I’m not doing weights that I’m not able to push so everything
that I do is for biceps are always assisted because I don’t want to be using other muscle
groups to help moving the weight so a lot of concentration is directed to the individual
muscle that I’m working on I’m going to do a uh underhand tricep extension with the bar
so it’s basically I’m going to lock my elbows in like this and I’m going to pull all the
way back and squeeze the tricep heads I’m going to do a seated dip for about maybe 3
or 4 sets heavy as possible and as much rep as possible to wrap up the workout alright
guys that’s it thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe below


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