Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3803 Ozone Magnetic Elliptical

Break a sweat when you get into shape on
the SF-E3803 Ozone Magnetic Elliptical Step on to the large texture grip pedals
preventing feet from slipping while you achieve an incredible full body workout. Activate muscles in your lats, mid-back and posterior shoulder muscles while
utilizing the sweat-resistant handlebars Eight levels of magnetic resistance
combined with the smooth belt drive creates a quiet smooth and versatile
workout Watch all your fitness progress on the performance monitor Isolate lower leg muscles with an ample 11 inches of stride length while you hold on to the
fixed frontal bars that measure your heart rate Transport your elliptical
from room to room with transportation wheels. Let exercises be your stress
reliever with the SF-E3803 Ozone Magnetic Elliptical

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