Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5633 Air Rowing Machine

The perfect fitness solution for your
home is here with the RW5633 Air Rowing Machine The efficient footprint design does not require a lot of space making this a
perfect machine for any home. Air resistance can make a workout fun and satisfying the integrated fan system creates resistance using air. The dynamic
response of the fan wheel makes the workout challenging and smooth. Rowing machines use over 80% of the body’s skeletal muscle resulting in a faster
rate of burning calories than other types of cardio machines. Virtually no
impact is placed on the body reducing the amount of stress on the joints Increase your workout intensity with
eight levels of resistance the digital monitor calculates your workout gains
and losses the fully padded seat and non-slip grip handlebars provide optimal
comfort and support for those long-duration workouts large anti-slip
pivoting foot pedals allow for increased range of motion for more efficient
strokes. The straps keep the feet in place during the leg drive action. The slide rail is smooth and quiet and the length can accommodate many heights storage is simple with the foldable
design and integrated transportation wheels Once you start you won’t stop with the
RW5633 Air Rowing Machine


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