Supreme Court Notice to Seal 1000’s of Gyms in Delhi in Hindi -Shocking News (2019) √

Good day friends. Welcome to Fat2Fit Monitoring committee appointed by Supreme Court has issued a notice to seal gym, yoga and meditation center which were opened after 12 August 2008 in Delhi Committee has pointed out the breach in the rules related to Delhi Master Plan 2021 according to which fitness centers can be opened only in malls and those commercial plots owned by Delhi Development Authority In 20 days all these fitness centers have been have been asked to be sealed This action will have probable impact on more than 1000 fitness centers in Delhi This is very sad for us. On one hand we have been trying to propel Fit India Movement and on the other hand we are trying to seal fitness centers in the national capital It is to be noted that every middle class individuals cannot afford expensive gyms in the malls Going to the gym to workout is not a luxury anymore but it has become a necessity for our sedentary lifestyle Delhi Gym Welfare association has appealed to find a solution to this problem. There are many gyms who in an attempt to give discount to the clients have charge annual gym membership and returning the amount back will be problem for sure Even though we can do exercise at home to stay fit However fitness centers provides you with such an environment where almost every other person is a source of inspiration. A small change can be make a big difference to the country and we hope that this problem will have a solution to it for sure. Jai Hind.


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