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Welcome to this belly fat cardio workout I am super excited about this one because it is a cardio Tabata and a four by three format We’re jumping straight into the first move which is flight jacks if you’re unable to jump do the version on the left I will tell you more about this Tabata workout as we go through it It is awesome and highly effective while burning belly back When you’re doing your flight jacks Make sure your abs are engaged and you are trying to touch your shoulder blades in the back and also Clapping when you come to the front This is way better than jumping jacks, and I’ll explain to you why in just a minute. Just keep going you are doing amazing Alright, go ahead and take 10 seconds to catch your breath This is the beauty of doing this cardio Tabata workout It is going to be fun kind of next up fly jacks again This particular movement beats jumping jacks because it is not just burning fat off of your body It is also working your chest your back and your arms and your legs It is awesome You’re doing awesome. Take another And seconds to rest and catch your breath and we’re gonna come back and do another round Alright come back, you know how this goes Keep your core nice and engaged and just jump your feet out while you open up your chest. Oh Yeah You’re doing awesome Eliz perfect Go ahead and take 15 seconds to rest this time around catch your breath and we’re gonna come back And we can go hard and then you get a proper rest break This is cardio Tabata for belly fat that you can actually enjoy sort of 30 seconds. I know but you can do it go hard It’s your last round before you get a full rest go hard Once you’re done with your rest, we’re going to move to a different movement This is the last time you’re going to see fly jacks in this workout, aren’t you glad? Go ahead and take your 45 seconds to rest you have earned it when we come back we’re going to do a Completely different movement. I am so glad you’re here Welcome back next up. We have ski jumps if you’re unable to jump do the variation on the right You’re going to suck your abs in slight bend in your knee and you’re going to hop from side to side If you’re unable to hop just simply take huge steps from side to side 20 seconds on the clock. Let’s go I Love your attitude you’re doing a great job. You’re gonna get 10 seconds to rest in just a moment. Keep going All right, come back come back let’s go Make sure your abs are sucked in and when you jump if you’re jumping keep that slight bend in your knee When you take off and when you land Very good You are killing this workout like it’s nothing take another ten seconds to rest catch your breath Alright come back 20 seconds on the clock. Let’s see you go. Go go go go go hard. Remember why you started? It’s worth it Working on yourself is always worth it Oh, yeah, oh, yeah you did that take 15 seconds to rest Let’s go be excited when you see 30 seconds on the clock because it means after this you get a long break Do your best make sure you’re moving when that timer ends doesn’t matter how fast or slow you’re moving as long as you’re moving it counts Some people are in bed right now, but not you you are working out Perfect take your 45 second rest pat yourself on the back. You are almost at the end of this workout. Can you even believe that? Welcome back we are doing Macarena hops you’re going to keep your hand on your waist tuck your abs in Rotate your hips and then jump your feet back in if you’re unable to jump do the variation on the right. You ready? Let’s go This is the perfect move to end this workout with this is our last move do your best Keep your abs sucked in you Look like a million bucks take your ten seconds to rest my friend you have earned it Okay, let’s go 20 seconds, that’s all you have to do you only have to think 20 seconds ahead you can do it You can go faster than me slower than me totally up to you. Just make sure you are moving Take your rest break ten seconds on the clock. We’re gonna come back do another round. You’re almost at the end This is your last movement in this workout Okay, let’s go Take that 15 second rest break it belongs to you. It’s your property. Put it in your pocket. Enjoy it We’re gonna come back. It’s gonna be 30 seconds and you’re going to pull out the last bit of energy in you. Let’s go This is so worth it, you are so worth it you made time to workout that is a big deal. Keep going Go go go go almost there. You’re almost at the end. You’re almost at the end whoa That was awesome. You work out today Yes, let’s quickly cool down. We’re going to do a hamstring stretch You’re going to just stretch out that back of your leg to the best of your ability go as deep as feels good to you Go through your own range of motion With all that jumping and stepping it’s good to stretch out your hamstrings We’re going to do the other side as well You should be feeling this in the back of your thigh all through the back of your leg Those legs have worked hard today. They work hard every day to carry your body around. Let’s appreciate them legs Finally I want a slight bend in your knee give yourself a huge hug. I just want to remind you that you bring something Special and unique to this world and you are working on yourself and that is a beautiful thing Thank you for working out with me today Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already and I will see you in my next workout video You


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