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[韓国旅行]釜山海雲台の名物ウナギ「ヌタウナギのヤンニョム焼き」痛いけど上手いってなに?? Grilled Hagfish Korean Mukbang Eating Show!

Eel? Hagfish~ It’s delicious~ It’s small. How do you eat it? Grill it or stir-fry it. In the sauce? Ah~~~ Do you want some? Is the sauce good? It’s spicy. Welcome~~ Should We try one serving? Shall we eat? a little~ It’s delicious. We are here to eat some hagfish! hagfish~ hagfish~ It’s [Unagi] in

[韓国旅行]釜山のチャガルチ海鮮市場でブリ・ホヤ・ホタテたっぷり!韓国は刺身をサンチュに巻いて食べるよ!KOREAN RAW FISH [YELLOWTAIL] MUKBANG EATING SHOW

This is Jagalchi Market in Busan! Is this the market? Yes~ It’s a famous place! I see~ Shall we eat sashimi? Shall we? It must be delicious here! Do you want me to take a picture of you? One, two, three! You can’t say [masisuyo – It means delicious] in Busan! No? I forgot to

[韓国旅行]釜山限定!絶対にハマる韓国の中毒スイーツ種たっぷり入りのシアホットク Sweet Korean Pancake Stuffed with Seeds MUKBANG EATING SHOW

We’re here! Yes! By the way, where are we? Busan International Market! We are here to eat hotteok(Korean Pancake). LOL We are here for a YouTube shoot! Yes! (This is where the Busan International Film Festival will be held.) Just think you’re here as a movie star and show us how to walk. This is