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【Teddy’s at the gym】The Inbody

hi there 嗨! it’s Teddy at the gym again 嗨!這是Teddy在健身房 to know the results of your training is by如何知道您的訓練結果 using the inbody equipment 是使用INBODY設備 which measure 進行測量 your body 您的身體值數 and provides並提供 details like 等詳細信息 BMI and body fats 像體脂肪 and more ~及其他 well, that’s a wrap !bye~ 結束囉~

Le Zap’Gym n°159

I am very happy to be here on behalf of the club and the supporters to present you with this cheque that I hope will benefit those in need. The club has been associated with the Food Bank and other charities for over ten years now and we are very happy with everything we do