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Veteran Health Care: Veteran Health Insurance

♪♪ When using VA health care, VA may bill a Veteran’s health insurance carrier for medical services, supplies, and prescriptions for care related to a nonservice-connected condition. Funds VA receives from a Veteran’s health insurance go directly back to the VA medical center to provide medical treatment, prescriptions, supplies and equipment. For billing purposes, a

Veteran Community Care: Eligibility

A Veterans eligibility for community care depends on their individual health care needs or circumstances. There are six criteria that can qualify a Veteran to receive community care, and a Veteran only needs to meet one of these to be eligible. In consultation with their care teams, a Veteran may be eligible for community care

Finishing Gym and Wood Floors with KaiMotion

There’s no better way to finish a gym floor than with a KaiMotion system from Kaivac. Whether using the original KaiMotion, the KaiMotion II or the new KaiMotion Flex this fast ergonomic process offers tremendous advantages over watering cans or other common finishing processes. For starters, workers and cleaning equipment remain out of the solution

What kind of health insurance does Covered California provide?

What kind of health insurance does covered California provide? Covered California provides quality health coverage from brand-name insurance companies you’re probably familiar with. Their plans offer a wide variety of doctors and hospitals, include free preventive care, and limit the amount of money you’ll have to spend on health insurance every year. You also have