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Standing Row Exercise Demo

This is the standing row. This is another good postural exercise that gets the muscles working back here that typically don’t work so much day to day now We are going to start with a little bit of a squat position with a nice neutral spine and as he pulls back we want relaxed upper

Clam Shell Exercise Demo

This exercise is called the clamshell. Its one of the most common ones that we prescribe, just because its an area that doesn’t get a lot of work these days so if you are sitting at a desk all day, this is a good one to get these muscles to get these muscles to Que

One Leg Stand Exercise Demo

This exercise is a one leg stand It is a good transition into something a little bit more functional than a clamshell, it at least gets these glut muscles working in a standing position which is usually what we are going for. So its as simple as just starting to stand on one leg What