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Welcome to IUP Exercise Science!

Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Exercise Science program offers quality education at both graduate and undergraduate levels. We have a fantastic community of students and faculty who work together in our classrooms, in our human performance labs, and through a variety of community outreach programs. Our undergraduate students obtain quality classroom instruction that is backed up

Exercise Sciences – UC Irvine

Exercise science is essentially the study of movement all different aspects of it from the physical form, the biomechanics to the cellular level what cellular changes happen and take place when we move around and how does that affect our health For students who come out with a major in exercise science they can expect

Currently in Quincy: January 17, 2020

hello and welcome to another edition of currently in Quincy I’m Joe Catalano and on today’s program we will be chatting with dr. Wayne Westcott from the exercise science program at Quincy College help you keep those New Year’s resolutions first though as always we’ll check out the weather and the news for you this

Exercise Science/Physiology

The overall encompassing idea of our program is to just look at the way that the body responds and adapts to exercise. We have a lot of different partnerships with different organizations in the field. We are an NSCA ERP recognized program. NSEA is the National Strength Conditioning Association. They recognize our program as having