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Balance Training Exercises

Fabio Comana, Exercise Physiologist: Hi. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about balance, and we’re going to take you through some balance exercises. Now, balance is probably one of the most important skills we could use in training; probably one of the most important skills we need in our lives. But it’s also

‘The Fitness Marshall’ Workout!

He’s taken social media by storm with his YouTube views with each of his routines ranking in up to 10 million views and helping viewers get fit with the click of a button. Check out the fitness Marshall. Caleb Marshall, also known as The Fitness Marshall, began blending his passion for pop star chorography and

The Biggest Loser Fitness Test

Bingo you’re on crutches what happened? I fractured the side of my foot. How did that happen? I was playing basketball and I jumped up and I landed on the side of my foot. Let’s look at this from a positive perspective. Bingo was playing basketball, he broke something in his foot but he was

What is a Fitness Assessment?

If you’re nervous about getting an assessment, don’t be. We want to put your mind at ease right now and tell you exactly what you can expect. You should dress comfortably and ready to work out. You’ll learn some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of weight and cardio training and go over your personal goals