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Vicky Tolfrey | Spinal cord injury exercise guidelines

Hello, I’m Vicky Tolfrey and I’m a Professor at Loughborough University. I’m a Professor in Applied Disability Sport and I’m also Director of the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport. I’ve been involved over the last eighteen months with a really exciting project that’s really brought some great collaborations with people from overseas, researchers, practitioners,

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

>>An exercise physiologist is a health professional who has a degree in Exercise Physiology. Their study includes courses in biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology, and then exercise physiology, which is really the study of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on all the systems of the body. So you do not need a prescription

Better than Total Gym®? a medical professional thinks the Vigorfit® is better than the Total Gym®

We are pleased to offer this in depth review, by a medical professional and college professor Michael Funk PA-C MPH. Michael Funk is a medical professional with many years of experience rehabilitation in addition to the also teaches and scenes medical school why is it your well first reaching the leader of our customers news

Le Zap’Gym n°157

Filming of the awards 1, 2. And again. 1,2. And again. 1, 3. Adam, your turn. 1,2. Could one of you please give me a clap? Go on Walter! Excellent! The first one is the Baky Koné trophy. What could that be for? For speed? It’s for the smallest? It’s for the quickest! Well the