Tag: Health Insurance 101

How does health insurance work?

Okay, quick question…What’s harder than figuring out how health insurance works? Maybe lassoing your neighbor’s cat? Or teaching your grandma how to send a text message #yourphoneisupsidedown? Nope. Maneuvering health insurance is harder, but let’s see if we can clear it up a bit. You start by choosing a a health insurance company to protect

How do I use my health insurance?

Have you ever bought something, only to learn you were only scratching the surface of everything it could do? Like the day you realized your computer was more than a $1200 deck of cards? Or when you discovered duct tape could be used for almost anything? The same applies to health insurance. It’s a major

Why do I need health insurance?

Sometimes, we get in over our head. You’ve been there. You think you have control, only to realize – you need help and you need it now! It’s the same with health care. You take care of yourself and your family. You feel healthy. There’s no medical risk on the horizon. Then, out of nowhere,