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President Obama: Rally for Health Insurance Reform in Minneapolis

The President: Hello, Minnesota! (applause) Hello, Minneapolis! (applause) Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Are you fired up? (applause) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Audience: (chanting) Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! (applause) The President: Thank you. Thank you, everybody. All right, all right. Thank you. Everybody — everybody take a

Health Insurance Explained

Millions of us now have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, or what some people call Obamacare. But like many things in life, your health insurance can often be confusing and complicated. Whether you’ve been insured for years or you’re new to the game, understanding your policy is important to your health…and your wallet.

What is a health insurance exchange?

It’s official: health insurance exchanges are alive. But what exactly is a health insurance exchange? Government officials often compare the exchanges to online travel sites like Expedia or Orbitz. And having walked through some of the exchanges, that’s a good comparison. It makes some sense. But given that many exchange websites might not even be

Medicare and the Health Insurance Marketplace

Good afternoon and good morning everyone. My name is Kathryn Rippey and today I’ll be presenting on Medicare in the Marketplace. This session focuses on the Health Insurance Marketplace, sometimes called the “Marketplace” or the “Exchange” and other provisions of the healthcare law and what people with Medicare need to know. This training module was