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Guided Gym Workout Chest

Hey guys, welcome back to Led Fit. My name is Chris Ledford. I’m a certified personal trainer here in Los Angeles and along with certified health coach Serein Wu. We make videos that focus on physical fitness, nutrition, and healthy living. So today’s video is going to be a guided gym workout that focuses on

Easy Effective Diet Plan

We have been offering a 28-day Paleo clean eating diet at The Studio Kitchen since 2013 – delivered right to your door. This is three meals a day for 28 days with food that is the perfect mix of prepared and ready to prepare. We have put hundreds of people in the Austin area through

Keep Your Diet Simple

What you wanna do is get on the right path and the right path simplicity keep it simple and stay on the right path Hello everyone, It’s old Butter Bob, I’m out here in the woods. Sometimes it feels like it’s a bewildering situation when when you first dieting. You have so much information coming