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Best exercise for your brain

Research in the last 10 years has demonstrated that a single session of aerobic exercise is enough to enhance neuroplasticity in the human brain. When we learn a motor skill our brain reorganises its connections between neurons and strengthens those connections or weakens them and this is what we call brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity

How Exercise Improves Your Memory

Exercise makes you thinner and does all sorts of other stuff. But who cares about that because it makes your brain stronger too! Hey guys, Trace here for DNews. We all know that exercise is good for us. Getting off the couch and onto the treadmill strengthens our muscles, increases blood flow, gives us energy

How Exercise Affects Your Brain

Hello and welcome to another video! Let me start this video by telling that almost everything you know about exercise is wrong. We usually associate exercise with loosing weight but thats a big misconception, in fact exercise is the least productive way to loose weight, so if you are thinking to loose weight, exercise should