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Existential Crisis and Its Cure

Namaskar. Today I’d like to talk about existential crisis-and its cure. Today existential crisis afflicts many young people. Sometimes it afflicts people in middle age also. Or anybody that’s going through some significant life change like loss of a dear one. In existential crisis there’s a crisis of meaning. Where is my role, what is

How Exercise Affects Your Brain

Hello and welcome to another video! Let me start this video by telling that almost everything you know about exercise is wrong. We usually associate exercise with loosing weight but thats a big misconception, in fact exercise is the least productive way to loose weight, so if you are thinking to loose weight, exercise should

How To Produce More Brain Cells – The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle by Brant Cortright

How to produce more brain cells. The content of this video is based upon the book titled the Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle, authored by Brant Cortright. The book summarizes our current knowledge about how we can influence our brains neurogenesis, which is the production of new neurons. It was previously believed that we stopped creating