Le Zap’Gym n°163

Do you know the Zap Gym? Yes! I watch it! What do you like about it? The players! And when you put pictures on the players, like when Clementia had Thug Life sunglasses! What should we put in the next Zap Gym, then? Put Dolberg with a ponytail! Dolberg in his underpants! Dolberg with red

Le Zap’Gym n°162

We’re delighted to welcome a former Ivory Coast international, a Nations Cup finalist in 2006, and today he’s the OGC Nice U19 coach. Good evening Emerse Faé. Good evening! Coach Antonetti didn’t stop talking about Emerse Faé when he met him, and so he came here. We were very happy. He’s a great guy, a

Le Zap’Gym n°161

Does it get cold here normally? No! Am I wearing a big jacket? It looks ok… Is there a picture of every player? Yes, the kids drew them. You’re going to sleep well! For sure! Allianz Riviera, Nice versus Lyon. It’s not about revenge because the first game was in the Coupe de France and

Le Zap’Gym n°82

“Well Ladies and G…….” Nice Attacks: Paul Baysse meets the Scooter hero. “It’s a rather strange feeling to meet somebody that has been through what you have.” “I think we have a responsibility to make people happy.” “So that people like you can come to the stadium. And even if less pleasant things happen in

Le Zap’Gym n°160

The aim is to work on reflexes, but also on anticipation, because the glases work on eight different speeds and your sight gets blocked every one or two seconds, so that allows you to work on the anticipation and where the ball is going to end up. We try and recreate stressful situations, because they

Standing Row Exercise Demo

This is the standing row. This is another good postural exercise that gets the muscles working back here that typically don’t work so much day to day now We are going to start with a little bit of a squat position with a nice neutral spine and as he pulls back we want relaxed upper

Le Zap’Gym n°159

I am very happy to be here on behalf of the club and the supporters to present you with this cheque that I hope will benefit those in need. The club has been associated with the Food Bank and other charities for over ten years now and we are very happy with everything we do

Le Zap’Gym n°158

Les Aiglons at work Hello! Excellent! It’s because he anticipates it… If he didn’t anticipate it, he is dead… The coach becomes patron of the Association Adrien: It’s an honour to be stood alongside Mr Patrick Vieira. Why? First of all, because he is a great man. The important thing is the man, the man

Le Zap’Gym n°157

Filming of the awards 1, 2. And again. 1,2. And again. 1, 3. Adam, your turn. 1,2. Could one of you please give me a clap? Go on Walter! Excellent! The first one is the Baky Koné trophy. What could that be for? For speed? It’s for the smallest? It’s for the quickest! Well the