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Le Zap’Gym n°158

Les Aiglons at work Hello! Excellent! It’s because he anticipates it… If he didn’t anticipate it, he is dead… The coach becomes patron of the Association Adrien: It’s an honour to be stood alongside Mr Patrick Vieira. Why? First of all, because he is a great man. The important thing is the man, the man

Le Zap’Gym n°157

Filming of the awards 1, 2. And again. 1,2. And again. 1, 3. Adam, your turn. 1,2. Could one of you please give me a clap? Go on Walter! Excellent! The first one is the Baky Koné trophy. What could that be for? For speed? It’s for the smallest? It’s for the quickest! Well the

Le Zap’Gym de Noël

11 December – Children’s Christmas Party Have you seen Father Christmas? Not yet. Not yet? Do you think he’s going to come? Yes! Ok, we’ll wait! Who did you see? Father Christmas! Are you happy? Yes! And who do you think will comme now? I don’t know! A player? Players! Players from Nice, from Nice!

Le Zap’ Gym n°156

When you take the photo, the people won’t see how long we looked for my name! What’s great, and Nice have always done this, they respect the former players that wore the jersey. Always a lot of respect and that’s what is so great. 26/11/19 – GYM SOLIDARITY LAUNCH It’s an honour for the people

Le Zap’Gym n°155

26 November – OGC Nice Village in Carros It’s a great honour and immense joy for us to welcome our team here, because even if I’m the mayor of Carros, I consider OGC Nice as our team, the team of our region. Finally, I’d like to thank OGC Nice for giving us the chance to