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Learn Finnish by listening! Gym training

Moi! Viime vuosien aikana Suomeenki on tullu sellanen fitness-buumi, Hi! During the past few years also in Finland has arrived a kind of a fitness boom, eli kuntosalilla käynti on yleistyny myös naisten keskuudessa. so going to the gym has become more common also among women. Suomessa on tosi yleistä nähä naisia nostamassa painoja salilla,

The Try Guys Try CrossFit

– I burned a calorie! – [JP] Shake it off for a bit, Keith. – Oh my thighs. Oh no, I’m gonna do the thing where the bar goes up? Oh that’s my biggest fear. (upbeat club music) (mellow rock music) How’s it going? – [JP] How’s it going, Keith? – Thanks for having me.