Full Body Aerobic Workout Special 90min

Disclaimer You do this workout on your own risk. Dr. Daniel Gärtner presents … Your Best Body – Workout Class 90min full body workout “aerobic special” Equipment: Dubbells, rubberbands, gymnastikmat, chair, towel, something to drink. Hi Guys, welcome to my aerobic class. Today’s full body aerobic special. Have fun! You gonna sweat. I promise. We’ll

New gym opens in Kakaako

Summer may be in full swing, but it’s never too late to whip yourself into shape for a beach body in Hawaii. Alan and Chris are here to tell us about a new place to shed those pounds. What is Kakaako Fitness? We are new gym that offers a comprehensive approach to getting in shape

ASUNA 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike

Optimize your body every day with premium gym quality equipment presenting the Asuna 4100 Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness Crafted from heavy-duty steel it features a sleek shape and structure the chrome flywheel gives you stability and maximum riding momentum. A chain drive transmission delivers a real-life workout experience while the

I’M NOT A MONSTER ? BEAST MODE 1/2 ? Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Motivation

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