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Core Exercise: Knee to Chest

Begin by drawing your core in. Raise each leg to approximately 90 degrees of hip flexion. Hold it for three seconds before returning it to the ground. One repetition includes raising and lowering each leg one time. Complete three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of this exercise. Keep in mind the core should remain

Core Exercise: Dead Bug

For this exercise, you will be lying on your back. Bring your arms straight above your head, perpendicular to the ground, along with your knees and hips both at 90 degree angles. Start by lowering the left arm and extending the right leg, both stopping just before touching the ground, and then returning to your

Core Exercise: Bridge

Begin by lying on your back and placing your feet on the ground, creating a 45 degree angle with the knees, hands by your sides, tighten your core, bring your hips up to create a straight line between your knees and your shoulders. Hold this for three to five seconds, then relax by returning your

Core Exercise: Superman

Begin by lying on your stomach. Extend your arms straight out in front of you and then raise both arms and legs off of the ground, approximately one foot and hold for one to two seconds before returning to the ground. If you experience any neck pain, you may keep your head closer to the

Core Exercise: Plank

Begin by lying on your stomach. Place your elbows below your shoulders, the hands with the palms on the ground, and onto your toes. This will create a straight line from the shoulders to the heels. Hold this position for approximately 10 seconds. If you are able to maintain this posture and hold longer, you

Core Exercise: Side Plank

Place your elbow below your shoulder after lying on your side, creating a straight line from your bottom shoulder to your feet, maintaining good posture. Hold this position for 10 seconds. If you start to have poor posture, such as rolling forward, rolling backward, or letting your hip sag, discontinue the exercise. If you’re able