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PoP Vlog 23 – Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is dealing with everyday stress. Mental illness is going through depression. Mental health is about balancing work and life. Mental health is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mental illness is suffering from anxiety. Mental health and illnesses are so many different things. Welcome to vlog 23! This month, we’re actually going to be

Chief’s Week – 12 August 2019

Hello. Simon Cole – Chief Constable – Leicestershire Police. We’re in a week where assaults on police have very much hit the headlines, with some really difficult cases across the country and we also now see a review of sentencing around violence ongoing. In that context, I spent some time last week with our new

I QUIT (for now) [END]

*drops camera* Oh- *sighs* Oh my god I just unironically sighed before a video. Great. I feel really sad. I really feel down right now. Uhm… Because I- I- I realized last night that I can’t keep doing the vlogs. It really, really sucks. I really wanted Birdabo to be something fun and positive and